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At 9:51pm on January 9, 2015, marymab said…

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At 12:14pm on December 17, 2014, Phillip Lester said…
At 3:36pm on October 25, 2010, Maurício Veredas said…

At 3:54pm on October 24, 2010, G.P. said…

At 2:14pm on February 21, 2010, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương said…

At 12:01am on January 18, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth,thanks
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
At 5:29am on November 13, 2009, MommaToldMeNotToCome said…

At 9:40am on August 22, 2009, maryse said…
Greetinga Papaed from hot Japan. Typhoon is hovering somewhere in the pacific so surfing is good fun and exciting...keeping me on my toes or rather my board and enjoying the seas joy and energy.
I didnt know about the killing of dolphins. Dont know why they would do that as dolphin is never on a menu? unlike whales...School will start soon and i have to take it all with a great grain of salt as the teachers are all too serious. My boys have enjoyed the 6 weeks of freedom from the system and have been well nourished by mother nature and her wonders. So nice to hear from you...with loving thoughts and wishes

At 4:00pm on July 6, 2009, maryse said…
Thanks for the mail every time Papaed. I have been thinking of you...had another wild djembe music night. my friend played the ballaphone and I the flute in a peice called KASSA...also i have been body boarding in the invigorating especially when the fish jump or i can see them in the waves. Today is a full moon here...and it is His Holiness the Dalai Lamas birthday. May all be auspicious and peaceful for all beings and may Tenzin Gyatso Ocean Mind of Wisdom and Lord of Compassion live for a very long time

At 4:02pm on June 18, 2009, maryse said…
Hi there Papaed hope your hving a lovely June. Been playing the djembe and flute again and have a small show comming up. Want to donate the money to Africa maybee the wateraid is a good place. clean water is defenitly a key to peace....water peace peaceful waters and of course drink water for peace...cheers
At 3:20pm on May 11, 2009, Cavalheira said…
From Cavalheira.



"Love is not about finding the right person,
but creating a right relationship.
It's not about how much love
you have in the beginning
but how much love you build till the end!"


Enjoy your day,
Have a  good evening and
a night of peace and good dreams.
God bless you.
"Light in your walk"
From Cavalheira


At 12:35am on May 11, 2009, Cavalheira said…
PhotobucketPhotobucketHello friend!PhotobucketPhotobucket
Happy Mothers Day!

From Cavalheira.

Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love, because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall.

Enjoy your day,
Have a  good evening and
a night of peace and good dreams.
God bless you.
"Light in your walk"
From Cavalheira

At 7:52am on May 9, 2009, Elisabeth S. said…
What a busy life! Not one moment getting bored, isn't it? I would call you a perpetual student!
Thank you for answering the Koan. I read it somewhat differently: the shadow is our ego preventing us from the enlightenment. When we cease to consider only our own superficial self, and we turn towards others, we may not be able to change the world, but we can surely change deeply our inner self! Problems are not with the world but are in us.
Wouldn't you agree?
May your day be peaceful and full of love, compassion, and joy!

"Live more simply so others can simply live!" Gandhi
At 9:29am on April 27, 2009, John Lundin said…
Papaed, thank you for adding me as your new iPeace friend. You look and sound like an exceptional person, and I’m honored to include you in my circle of friends, as well. I look forward to learning more about you, and to getting to know you. I also invite you to learn more about me from my iPeace page and my Facebook page - You can also download a free copy of my book, “THE NEW MANDALA – Eastern Wisdom for Western Living,” written in collaboration with the Dalai Lama. And I will add you to the mailing list for my updates and blog from my work with the International Humanity Foundation in Kenya beginning in mid-May.

Again, thank your for all you do and who you are – and for including me among your friends.


John Lundin
At 4:38pm on April 24, 2009, maryse said…
A good morning to you papaed
thank you for thinking of me and writting. It is chilly in the morning these days but warms up quickly.. As our homes are not heated the spring is always a warm welcome, untill it gets to the unbearable 35celcius plus of the summer. Untill then I am enjoying walks with my pups and school life with the children. By the way I have started to play African music. I play the Dundun a big drum, like the bass beat of a dhembe team....and my flute...its good fun
cheers to you and peace
At 8:01pm on April 11, 2009, santosh athani said…

those are the Himalayan ranges in Jammu region of J&K, I really appreciated, that you could spot them in my photograph.I visit the Himalayas every year, to a cave shrine called Vaishodevi. I was there in the last week of Feb 09. I have a few more fotos. I can send them your Email addy, if u let me have it. mountains are majestic
At 6:14pm on April 11, 2009, Stephanie said…

papaed, is that Papa Ed? SO nice of you to write your very kind letter!
I have not been affected except for emotionally - it is a hard thing to watch on Italian tv, really horrible, unbelievable when they show the pictures of the mass funeral and all the family members around and crying. Very difficult and horrifying situation. People did feel it in my city (Perugia) but I didn't, but just the same, it has been felt in many areas nearby. The aftershocks continue and I don't know how those thousands of people will do in the future.
Thanks for the comments about my art. I am working on upcoming is a lot of work, but I am happy about them. Photography is something I am working on more and more, having a new Nikon.
PLEASE consider writing on the group......I think you would be perfect there...have you considered it and just haven't found the time? Time is worse than money to organize I believe....makes me think of a good story line...time or money which do you need more? Thanks! YOU helped me come up with that one!
Hope to see you on the group, 15,000 Stories.
Let's be friends!
"Change for peace"
At 5:28am on April 10, 2009, santosh athani said…

you are one great role model for the rest of us!!!!! WoW!!!
At 2:23pm on April 9, 2009, maryse said…
Got home safe and sound/ and went to an Aquarium with my son. We met a walrus there and other sea friends. Never liked zoos and aquarium but this one was very big, mellow and fascinating.

At 2:31am on April 6, 2009, maryse said…
Hello Papaed, I am visiting my family in Canada and will be boarding the plane tonite for Japan. I had a wonderful visit and saw my father who is now 86 yrs. Canada is so pretty, the Canadien geese were flying north...Canada has such lovely people too. Hope you have a great week.

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