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At 4:22pm on January 5, 2009, Myo Thein said…
Warm wishes from your Burmese Ipeace friend.Happy 2009!

Myo Thein
At 5:03pm on January 3, 2009, maryse said…
Best wishes to you Willem for a bright, peaceful New Year for our precious planet.

At 6:51am on December 31, 2008, Pia Maria Norris said…
William, the second video works now, must have been my computer
thanks again.
At 7:15pm on December 30, 2008, Pia Maria Norris said…
Willem, you have some amazing photos here on your page!

At 6:20pm on December 30, 2008, Pia Maria Norris said…
Dear William,

Thank you for joining the group Help End the Persecution of Falun Gong in China, and for posting the two videos! Can you re-post the second one (top one) as does not seem to work?

Warm regards,

At 1:08am on December 24, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
33 years of torture in the Chinese gulag...
And yet...

I would surrender to a smile like that, in a heartbeat.
and that man, is one I would delight in calling "Master".....

The heart, is so much stronger than the back of a hand....

I would not surrender to 33 years of torture
yet would in an instant to that man
because of his smile.

My wolves and my horse
did not surrender their lives to me by the back of my hand,
but with all my heart they give me theirs in return,
and I have more than I could ever get with a whip.

My horse was violent to everyone,
yet bowed at my feet the first moment I met him.
Eagles land within feet of me.
Wolves love me with their lives.
I have no need to raise my hand or voice.
And have more than if I did.

Just as I would call your teacher "Master" in an heartbeat
what 33 yrs could tourture could never obtain.

Intimidation, is a poor illusion of, respect.
It never works.
The other?
I surrender in an instant!
And would bow to your teachers feet!!!

The Thunderchild
At 12:46am on December 24, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
Dear Willem
I wanted to say something sooner to you about the photo you used with that story.
The only reason the War Horse was on rope and tall fence with wire,
Was to protect my wolves from him until he got to know them better when I first got him.
Otherwise, now that my wolves lead my way to the sky they are not above ground anymore,
but within and far above.... lighting and leading my way with love...
Your teacher in the foto....
I would try to bless you on this day but I can see in the foto that you are a very very rich man indeed.
To be in the presents of a Teacher with such a smile in his eyes and on his face,
what a blessing that would be!!!!!
If you get chance, please let your friend (Teacher) know I think he has one of the wisest smiles I have seen in many years! :)
This foto of your friend (Teacher) holds GREAT teaching!!!!
what a light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its enough to even put a smile on your serious face !!! (powerful!!!)
Tee hee tree.. . ;D
(and just now even mine)
see how powerful that smile of his is?!
Yes your teacher is a man of very powerful magic!!!
Blessings and smiles and love to you Willem from your friend(s)

At 10:28am on December 10, 2008, Willem Amendt said…
At 5:31pm on December 8, 2008, Kaycie said…
thank you for your sharing, it is very touching and I am grateful for the connection. It is challenging to be with the suffering but there is peace there. I agree with what you wrote about death. There is a drive within me to 'die' while still 'alive' so that I might really live.

Your sharing opens the heart. Thank you for touching mine.

At 6:00am on December 8, 2008, Kaycie said…
thank you for sharing a bit of your life story on your page, it is moving. You have powerful videos on your page. Such depth in you. Thank you for your service in the world.
Love and Light,
At 7:43pm on December 5, 2008, Hope said…

At 9:45pm on December 4, 2008, jim said…
As a person by the name of Ricard gauer once said to me " you can not satisfy greed"
At 6:03pm on December 4, 2008, Shayo Sulbarán said…

Amor y paz amigo
At 10:19pm on December 1, 2008, FRANCOISE said…
Thank you willem, I posted the information .
I am happy that you can follow such teaching .To learn about death is very important, and can bring so much...I had to work on it very intensively when my father was needed help (he had parkinson)I have been back in France for 2 years and during this time ,because I was already sensibilised to the situation of my father I helped old people and the most was at the end of their life .in two years I accompany 5 people untill the end , it was very strong.... much love and I learned so much. It was very strong experience and I saw the difference when my mother left....I had no more place for pain and to be sorry when I was thinking to her I was just feeling so much love.

There is a very interesting book : The tibetan book of living and dying by Sogyal Rinpoche but I beleive you know it already.

Thank you Willem Take care
At 10:13am on December 1, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
Dear Willem,
I would think it a great honor and blessing to learn from one who has spent a large part of their time and lives devoted to learning religion, as I have been so honored and blessed by many, but not of the Buddhist religion. I am familiar with the term karma, but never heard about throwing or rounding off karma.... You are right in that sense, that I do not understand it, but not in a way that it does not matter to me. I love to learn :D
Incarnation: I understand the meaning to this, and simple logic tells me this would be the case with life, it is just not within my memory. I was like.... the light of a single candle being a "part of" the sun before I came here.
I can... not sure "remember" is the right word.. my prior life forms, meaning my ancestors. It is something though that is more through genetics, that I am able to feel their spirits, thier pasts, their experiences, and in some case view their lives as if happening right now, but these are those who passed on this life energy/mass to me thousands and thousands of years ago. One of them in particular, reaching from his time, to this one, makes the connection more clear with me, as I in turn reach from this generation, to his.
But I can "feel" or "remember" back, million and millions of years. As I am a "continuation" of the same life form that started long long ago. But my individual self awareness, I cannot remember ever being a different life form, only as said, like I was a candle size flame compared to the sun, but I was part "of it" and I recall that, and then, the journey to becoming "part of" my father, and joining with my mother in her womb as well as her doing things like going dancing one time while I was in her, and other sounds and motions (heart, digestion, breathing etc).
I just want to say though, that just because I do not remember any past incarnations, it dose not mean this is not so, nor do I hold in my heart or head that this could not be, only that I do not remember.
This is "to the best of my knowledge", my first time experiencing life.
I would not be surprised if allowed or offered the choice to do so again, but not sure how I would answer that if that is a choice given to me as was my coming here now.
But knowing what it is to live "freedom" as does a wild wolf, I'm not sure if my love for my wolf friends would have them come to this world again as a human, was an act of kindness on my part.
Few humans I know of, know what this freedom really is, even in America.
So to be born as a human, they would loose a great deal of what they had, and a life with greater quality to their time, that would make their shorter lifespans,,,, know more about being alive, than a human who would live over 100 years.
I find with shorter words, you can say so much more than I can with many.....
Human language is something I still struggle with at times, yet at others it comes easy...

This horse and I when we met, it was very strong feelings that we already knew each other very very clearly.
But he is no other that I have met before in this life or I would remember him, it is more like a future we both knew,
and one we both know that the greater importance with each other, is still yet to come.
I need to resume work for $ for his hay,
but please know I find your words on my page always welcome!
I smile when I see it is something that is from you!
At 12:51am on December 1, 2008, FRANCOISE said…
Dear willem I would like to translate your letter of the 15 november and to post it on the francophone group.
I would like the people of this group to get this information and to learn about vista..is it ok for you?
I work in the gallery of a greek artist (contemporain art)
I work from april until november everyday without weekend but at least at the end I have 4 month to do anything I want.
For me that is a big gift from life and I am thankfull
At 7:01am on November 30, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
Feather (his name):


And the story of the sled dog race you can use on your site?
It is (also) a true story.
At 6:53am on November 30, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
I live off the road, I used a CB radio and truck drivers would tell me in winter when deer had been hit by vehicles. I would hook up the team and we would go get the deer, I would feed the meat to the team, and do paintings of them on the hides (nothing was wasted), this is a painting I did and sold of "Tracker" my leader for 9 years.

At 6:37am on November 30, 2008, Tree Thunderchild said…
Two men had dogs.
One, yelled at his dogs, their tails and heads hung low.
The other loved his dogs, their tails hand heads carried high.

One man yelled at his dog to come to him, and after a lot of yelling
it came to him, and he hit the dog for taking so long.
The other man called to his dog, it came right away
with his tail waging and love in his eyes.
The next time these dogs were called, the second man got the same result.
except the first mans dog, ran away.

I used mine in a sled team.
they pulled with all of their hearts,
I often had to tell them not to work so hard.

Another man had a dog sled team,
he hit his dogs that did not pull fast,
they pulled in fear not love.
The stress on them caused them to use much energy
and eat more food, than the other team.

And in a race, it is not hard to see which team won.

One with tails between their legs,
the other with tails moving as fast as their legs,
one was a labor force,
the other, was a labor of love.

One carried a whip
the other, had their hearts in the palm of his hand.

One would have beaten them to death to make them work,
the other had to hold them back, or they would have
given their lives, to give all they had.

I did not beat my dogs into submission.
I loved them into loving me back enough to give me their lives,
if I so much as asked.

The sight of each is different.
One snapping a whip and yelling, dogs cowering in fear....

The other is a dance of love and of life,
without stress they need to eat less food,
they work harder without force,
they, won the race.

If you love something,
set it FREE
If it returns to you
it is yours.
If not,
it never was.

I did not beat them into submission with the back of my hand,
I loved them into loving me enough to give me their lives if asked.
Love is stronger, than any whip.

His team, were professional racing dogs,
mine, were wolves.

My team, won the race.

The Thunderchild
At 7:50pm on November 28, 2008, Myo Thein said…
Dear Willem,

I will definitely let you know about Burma recent conditions to let the world know.As we you may aware or not we are doing white campaign to show solidarity.Thanks for your concern for Burma.

Myo Thein

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