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At 12:58pm on January 29, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth,thanks
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
At 9:53am on January 29, 2010, Stephanie said…
Great hearing from you all the way in Australia (love that place!!)
please explain...who said "the site is going to be shut down?) Were they not exaggerating just a wee bit??
It is sort of alarmistic of them wouldn't you say? Not such a good thing to keep generating that idea....gets out of control I would say...
take a look at my blogs would you?
let me know about the abvoe
excuse the typing....lousy keyboard
At 1:09am on January 24, 2010, Tina said…

At 1:34pm on January 13, 2010, Sunil singh said…
Thanks Michael, I love the way you commented. You carry a grace within you that never comes without peace and love, and that too for not only friends but for strangers. Wish you a great time ahead.
At 4:59pm on January 1, 2010, Tina said…

At 9:42am on December 27, 2009, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương said…
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At 2:56pm on December 22, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

"For Your Message of

At 2:48pm on December 22, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

Michael My Friend,

At 11:13am on December 19, 2009, Ispirit *light of universal* said…

christmas blessings..........from me to you....love you and a great thank you to you for your support...
Embracing the Light of Love, Peace and Reality
many abundant blessings to you
~~/|\ ~~
At 3:17am on December 19, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
"All else is but illusion".......Michael Goebel

At 10:42pm on December 18, 2009, Annemie Dieltiens said…
Happy Christmasdays!
At 5:14pm on December 1, 2009, Shaman said…

At 7:53pm on November 10, 2009, David Gould said…
Micheal...sorry about the double note but you are my 365th friend here on ipeace...I now have a friend for every day of the year!!!!!!Lovely.
At 7:51pm on November 10, 2009, David Gould said…
Love and Hate

It is all very simple when you think
the difference between love and hate,
because hate can only destroy us
whereas love always creates anew
hate divides us into friend or foe
but love joins us up into groups
hate starts by destroying the inside
before moving to destroy everything,
but we were not born to hate others
as we were all created in acts of love
that is why I find it impossible to hate
but extremely easy to find love here.

I was born to love, not born to hate
when I see which does what here
I know which one I choose every time

David Gould © 2nd February 2009
At 12:37pm on November 7, 2009, TAZA said…
you are online.
At 7:39pm on November 5, 2009, Kumud said…

At 7:27pm on November 4, 2009, gunilla caisson said…
There are my ways of presenting oneself I do it through my writings *smile*

It all starts with the children. I write about that in ”The Child Within All these children that are neglected or abused become our ” Barefoot Children” Some survive against all odds. That’s our ”Dandelion Children”

Many have to deal with this their inner child as grown ups since that is our ”Sauce of Peace” and the neglected child need its redress to be able to give and share.

Some devote their life to ”The reconnaissance for a God” while others do believe so strongly so they are willing to commit ”War and Violence in the name of God”

What do we think about all these issues? Which are our OWN thoughts without quotes, That can be told In ”You are the Source” since your thoughts are as valuable as someone else’s.

So much around us and inside us is sad so ”We cannot always Shine” that is OK. Admitting our sorrow and grief is the first step to healing and peace.
We can also find ourselves through ”Sagas, Dreams and Myths” within witch so much human wisdom is hidden.
We can close our eyes and just remember through all the music our heart and soul has saved, and we can share it with others in ”Unforgettable Music”
We can travel to get inspiration and understanding for our different cultures. Why not go to ”Sweden starting in Lapland” You will find my roots there involved in the midnight sun and the northern light *smile*

But you do not have to travel so far to find what counts the most in life ; ”small close things” which surround us all but to which we do not pay enough attention

Hope seeing you somewhere /Gunilla
At 3:31am on October 31, 2009, ghjkll said…
Saudos desde Colombia
bendiciones, paz y bienestar

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At 8:59pm on October 30, 2009, Samy S.. said…
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At 7:49pm on October 30, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

Michael, to

"So Let's Make a Difference for You & Yours & Everyone" and

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

Hippy Al

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