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At 11:02pm on January 19, 2015, Quanah Pace said…

Are you still on I Peace ? If so, please let me know. I am back but I do not know for how long. Q-

At 7:08am on December 30, 2010, melody said…


Dear Michael:

Love, light and caring for you and your family.

I hope 2011 delivers all your dreams.

thru Divine Spirit,

sending prayers for peace.

thank you for being you.

At 11:42pm on August 17, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…
Hi man, happy birthday!!!

At 3:19am on July 1, 2010, Shells said…

Hope to see you somewhere out there in a peaceful place and time.. Shells of San Francisco
At 2:01am on June 15, 2010, gunilla caisson said…

It all starts with the children.
I should be pleased if you joined our new network ; Children are the Future
on SocialGo
Welcome *smile*/Gunilla
At 7:43pm on June 12, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.


You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 12:55pm on June 5, 2010, Dave, aka Rhumour said…
Michael, please consider adding your voice to a new Peace Petition at:-


This is linked to the activities of Voice for Peace, which is migrating from ning to Spruz at: -


Thank you - and please circulate this to your friends!
At 10:06pm on April 8, 2010, Tina said…

At 9:46am on March 5, 2010, melody said…

I hope all is well with you dear brother. Jah Blessings and prayers for everyone in love and Light. ~m
At 5:55pm on February 14, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

At 2:43am on February 9, 2010, Shells said…

May the mystery of the sea continue to enlighten thee - she sends a heart to remind you that with every wave - it's her heart beating with love. Photo by michellelavallee - Rodeo Beach, San Francisco in January - prior to all the storms.
At 8:36pm on February 6, 2010, Michael Forbus said…
We see quite clearly that what happens
to the nonhuman happens to the human.
What happens to the outer world
happens to the inner world.
If the outer world is diminished in its grandeur
then the emotional, imaginative,
intellectual, and spiritual life of the human
is diminished or extinguished.
Without the soaring birds, the great forests,
the sounds and coloration of the insects,
the free-flowing streams, the flowering fields,
the sight of the clouds by day
and the stars at night, we become impoverished
in all that makes us human.

Thomas Berry

With Golden Metta, Miguel

At 9:26pm on February 2, 2010, Michael Forbus said…
At 4:43pm on February 1, 2010, Tina said…
‘Never give up’: A poem by the Dalai Lama

”No matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
Is spent developing the mind
Instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
But to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
In your heart and in the world
Work for peace
And I say again
Never give up
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up. »
At 9:26pm on January 29, 2010, melody said…
Dear Michael:
Sending prayers and calling Light to surround all infirmity.

Jah Blessings.
At 2:52pm on January 29, 2010, Michael Forbus said…
I am busy from early in the morning until late at night. I am rarely alone. Where can I find a time and place to contemplate in silence?

Silence is something that comes from your heart, not from outside. Silence doesn’t mean not talking and not doing things; it means that you are not disturbed inside. If you’re truly silent, then no matter what situation you find yourself in you can enjoy the silence. There are moments when you think you’re silent and all around is silent, but talking is going on all the time inside your head. That’s not silence. The practice is how to find silence in all the activities you do.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, from "The Heart of the Matter" (Winter 2009) Tricycle

At 3:17am on January 29, 2010, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…
This is a demo of a song I wrote which Sandra, my sweetheart, turned into a Video. Hope you enjoy it. "We Are One."
At 12:10am on January 29, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Thank you, for your wise words!
I think that each do their part
Without worrying about what people think
Make love and goodness in the heart
Peace is all right with the world and we
God and the angels you to protect
At 2:01am on January 26, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
At 2:55pm on January 23, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

his words
beautiful! written with the heart
God and the angels protect you

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