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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I'm just a peaceful person
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Violence, Human Rights
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
People are prejudiced and express hatred towards what they fear and because of their personal insecurities. Unfortunately, this applies to radical religious groups as well.
Can we change the world?
More about me
I am a single male, a teacher, and an avid supporter of civil and human rights for EVERYONE, no exceptions! I strive to teach my students each day to step outside their personal boundaries and experiences, to consider other people, other cultures, other faiths, and to get to know others as fellow humans. Americans tend to be very insulated from the rest of the world, and it is so easy to forget that other worlds exist beyond the images that are televised into our homes. I'm always hopeful that I have a positive impact on their lives as they mature and learn and grow. Without hope there is only numbness or despair.
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?
Instrument of Peace

Where there is hatred, let me bring love

Where there is doubt, let me bring faith

Where there is falsehood, let me bring truth
Where there is pain, I’ll comfort you

Where there is silence, let me sing praise
Where there's despair, let me bring hope

Where there is blindness, let me bring sight
Where there is darkness, let me bring light

And with these words I speak
Grant that I may not so seek
To be heard but to hear
To be consoled but to console,
Not to be seen, but to see
To be loved but to love

For when we give love we will receive

When we forgive love, we’ll find reprieve
It is in dying we’ll be released
Make me an instrument of peace

Words attributed to St. Francis of Assisi; lyrics by Olivia Newton John (from the album "Grace and Gratitude")

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At 6:24am on August 12, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

Beyond the horizon
where naked skin of Earth
naked skin of Sky
children of imagination are conceived
in intercourse of mystery.

Time curves…. Dragons
form circles
in bubbles of eternity.
The ageless shepherd of our shadows
enters the pasture
that was and was not green
before the birth of poetry. Dreamers

drunken in the breath
of dark divinity dream
in secret dramas of their souls. At
times wild cries out for wilderness.
Or meditations of a mountain’s crest
become light’s prayer
in hearts of darkness.

Creation consents…. Nomads
bearing gypsy tents
thirst for twilight. Ancient
fires in books of alchemy. Riddles
of each night. The longest
word in life… is “Yes.”

David Sparenberg
11 August 2009
At 6:42pm on August 6, 2009, David Sparenberg said…
On my side of the planet, morning of August 6, Hiroshima Day, the date on which the black rain of overshadowing omnicide first feel upon the Earth…


You’re not listening
Sky is falling
You’re not listening
Sea is rising
In tempest-rage

You are not listening, no
And the angel of death
Comes on
Like rolling thunder
Earth is eaten away – this place

This is a terrible moment
In the valley of tears
In a time of tribulation
Terrible, it is terrible I say
Truly terrible
When truth is at risk
And the heart and lungs
On all sides
There is betrayal
And everywhere, everywhere
In the eyes and mouths - poisons
Now, not before
Not after – Look – be sensitive

The ecstatic flame of angel
With the eyes of crucifixion
The one crucified

This is when the senses
(And the soul
Housed, ecosophic, inside the body)
Need to be alert
When choices are monumental
When life, all of life, life is in the balance

Answer this:

Do you need to
Hear the sirens screaming?
Do you need to
Witness the perfect storm?
To feel black rain, as in
August ’45? Does

Creation need to split apart for you and
Death weld together for faith
Dead Earth, dust
And deadly sky?

Where are you, where really
When I turn to look around
When I search to hear your footsteps
Feel you breathing
Do you dare to know
We-you and I-we are still alive?
There is difference
Life is on one hand, death on the other
To live and die
Than to live for death, to
Be death’s ambassador,
The pallbearer, the anguished who
Tore the puzzle apart, flung it, pieces
Into furnace—end stop, endgame, ominous
Into oblivion

Answer to that – know it
Know (no), know
Your answer will be binding
Wait, wait, wait then… wait I beg you

For here there is love
There is
God in the shape of prayer still
And that is Kingdom
Are the peacemakers, the
The brave who

Turn aside to feel the heartthrob, heartache of the world, to

Hear a teardrop fall
In velvet morning, an
Angel sigh despair, a newborn
Cry in the blood pool of life
To share, to taste, to give, to take
Our common bread
Our days


He walks upon the water
In a wounded whisper
From mouth to ear
Far off and near
The sound
Of spreading morning

Star fallen
On Hiroshima and the end
Star of Bethlehem!


It is not prosperity
That the midnight bells are swelling
But Christ Mass and the dove
The dove
The dove of now

Peace – the cleansing rain

Hush, be gentle, gentle I beg you

Christmas Eve, 24 December 2007

from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg
At 11:38pm on August 2, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

It is good to enter
a beautiful cathedral.
But you do not need a
church, synagogue, temple
or mosque to be with God.

You do need the Earth
a heart, a soul
and the sky.

It is good to pray.
But better to walk as prayer
and better still to breathe prayerfully
through the stations of night
and the challenges of day.

It is good to have love of self.
But better to reach
with healing hands
into the pathos of otherness.

As thin as the air of
a vision of doves
and the intimate longing of lovers,
that is the nearness of God.

David Sparenberg
15 December 2008
At 11:23pm on August 2, 2009, David Sparenberg said…
Thank you Travis for your gracious words. Much appreciated. Yes to Shakespeare, in fact I will be teaching a Shakespeare acting class with Univ of WA starting Fall Qt. Will gladly share more writing if you like.
At 3:08am on May 15, 2009, Travis F. Baldwin said…
Hello, my friend. I really like the photo of the moon rising over the water. It is a very striking view - peaceful and calming. I did have a good day, and hope you did as well. I am going to be out of town for a couple of days visiting with my sister and her husband. I am leaving early in the morning and won't return until Saturday night. I will get back in touch with you on Sunday, however. We have much to discuss and I look forward to talking to you - you've given me a lot to think about. It is good to hear things from someone else's perspective, and I welcome our conversations. Wishing you the best life has to offer. Be at peace and know we are all in the hands of our Creator. Thanks for being my friend!!!
At 4:42am on April 17, 2009, Betty Prismdancer said…
You sound like a wonderful teacher... we need more like you!
At 3:27am on April 1, 2009, Brian Morin said…
We also see that people, all over the world, love, people all over the world, without exception. When we are in love and peace we attract love and peace.

Aad Sach
At 2:34am on April 1, 2009, Brian Morin said…

Hello Travis F. Baldwin!

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Peace and Love
... Aad Sach and all the iPeace Welcome Team.


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