Dedicated to Paul Newman, who died yesterday, some reactions on his compassionate speech in the film 'The Verdict' on my YouTube account: One of the greatest monologue deliveries ever. impeccable timing, total perfect! - - Greatest American actor of the last century, and this role is his finest in my opinion. - - One of the most understated films of all time. Top performances from Newman, Mason, Rampling, O'shea and Warden - - It sucks how a great movie like this goes, pretty much, overlooked. One of Paul Newman’s best performances and Sidney Lumet’s best movie. - - The Verdict was an OUTSTANDING movie. Certainly the best legal drama I've ever seen. - - The film was as good as any I've ever seen and as far legal dramas go it has no parallels. - - Great... everyone should remember this! - - Such a beautiful voice -- Paul Newman, you will be missed...thank you dear friend!

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