Part seven of the CONCERT FOR INDIA'S ENVIRONMENT. India is home to a sixth of the world's population, and they live alongside some of the most magnificent and endangered wildlife in the world. Celtic Ragas Band members tell us their personal feelings about nature.

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Comment by Eau Douce on January 9, 2009 at 7:54pm
Thank you for sharing Wisdom And Nature with the rest of the world.
I will come back and visit more.
I loved you video on the side of the road that is how I started my day

I would be honored to be your friend
In Lak'ech O'Douce
Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on November 5, 2008 at 5:52pm
Dearest Chinmaya,
How magnificant,beautiful visuals and music~moving,inspiring and a bit sad~ as the pollution& destruction of such amazing beauty by the small percentage of the rich,affecting the larger number of poor. This is fact all around the world. As an environmental activist/advocate and community organizer for 19yrs. in the United States,this is and has been our greatest challenges, as the richest % (huge corporations) block our efforts on every issue of prevention,preservation,environmental laws...however they can't stop education,caring,organizing & with the Climate crisis finally being acknowleged by so many~ they cannot stop us moving forward.
Thank you for all you are doing to create positive change :-) In Peace and Love

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