" A Quest To Dance " a poem written & read by Suzie Parker

A quest to dance
Frozen Trust dissolved in silence
Surrender stumbled from unguarded eyes
Dressed to the nines we waltzed to precious surprise
The secrets of a captive heart flowed free
Spilling touch in waves of shameless tenderness
For Chance had parted both melancholy and despair
From deep cover and disguise
And your soul eased to tranquil and rested calm upon my breast
And so it was for a time
I held pure sweetnes in my arms
But I heard someone say
It's called a dance.

- Poem Written & Read by Suzie Parker.

- Dennis Massa Original Instrumental Music . Composed & Performed by Dennis Massa on Guitar, Cello, Violin & Viola. ...http://www.youtube.com/user/dennismassa#play/uploads/0/OxmiWSvHwlA

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