"Are You Awake?" interview with Eric Allen Bell

Dr. Guldal and Eric Allen Bell (founder of www.GlobalOne.TV) identify how our great many commonalities are often obscured when we focus on our differences. They use the example of the Occupy Wall Street movement to illustrate how when people look for the threads that bind as opposed to the words or thoughts that divide, significant actions can be achieved. As people wake up to what is wrong in the world today, a current has started buzzing, pulsing; it is creating a shift. People are increasingly feeling empowered and encouraged to turn inwards and then, with their clarity, join the collective to address at a foundational level the many struggles plaguing the world - greed, poverty, hunger, environmental ruin, national hostilities and the underlying grief of the faith we've lost in our future. It is the power of the collective consciousness amplified that will lead us forward.

With clear minds, steady hearts, skillful guidance and integrity we should meet our future. It is a work in progress. Always has been. Is this the time to add your voice, your share, your piece? Join in as Dr. Guldal and Eric talk about the impact and responsibility of being here, now.

The healing exercise included is inspired by the ability of mantras and images to connect us solidly with our highest wishes, conveyed powerfully here as an intention that magnifies and spreads itself in echo.

Awaken your Hidden Potential with Innerpathic Process
Dr Guldal Caba PhD NMD co-developer of "Innerpathic Process" a therapuetic process designed to facilitate healing/growth/vitality at the cellular level. Incorporating the multi-dimensions of humanity, body-mind-spirit to engage each individual to learn to listen to the "call of the soul." Based on the premise that we each have within us the desire/call to be pulled towards our greatest potential.

Feeling stuck in our lives is a common experience, but we can transcend!

Join us for a fun and inspirational talk radio show hosted by:

Dr. Guldal Caba practices out of Ohio, New York, and Turkey.

Mentored and apprenticed by great Tibetan and Chinese healers, Shamans, healers from many faiths and systems. Studied TCM, Tibetan medicine, acupuncture, herbology, naturopathy, and Shamanic studies, as well as meditation, yoga, chi qong, chakra energy, and balancing, esoteric healing, and of course many western systems of healing.


Fun and Inspirational Talk Radio...Making a Difference!

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