On September 12, 2015, two “real” people stood in the midst of buzzing New York Fashion Week crowds with boards asking people to interact with the topic of real beauty and to place #BeReal stickers on them if they felt accepted.
With one plus-size female model and one cross dresser boldly presenting themselves before the world, the outpour of support and encouragement continued to flow in throughout the day – leaving the two covered in #BeReal stickers.
The idea was for Fashom’s #BeReal video campaign was inspired by the body issues which have plagued the fashion industry (and the media at large) for many years. Through their #BeReal video campaign, Fashom aims to showcase that all bodies are beautiful, and promote acceptance for all people, body types and forms of beauty.

JOIN #BeReal Movement on Fashom, the only fashion app which openly promotes body confidence, real beauty and self love.
Download Fashom Appstore : https://goo.gl/0Xbnk2 and Google play: https://goo.gl/bgbjAd

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