Frozen Toys: Frozen Complete Story Toy Set a Great Frozen Gift Set! - Frozen Toys: Frozen Complete Story Toy Set Hello this is Mew's Reviews reminding you to subscribe to our channel so you can get our latest gift ideas and reviews! Here we have the Frozen Complete story Set. It is with out a doubt a favorite gift idea for your Frozen fan. This gift set is miniature in size but not detail making it cute and tot-able. The set includes Sven, Kristoff, Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, Hans, and of couse Olaf! As you can see these figurines are tiny, making them an easy on the go toy. Here is a close up of Princess Anna complete in her dress and robe, and Princess Elsa with her signature braid and tiara. Look at Olaf, he is barely as big as my thumb, how cut is that!
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