Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source

Following the holiest pilgrimage of the Hindus, from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayan's glaciers, this 58 minutes documentary filmed along the Ganges River shows a vivid and insightful vision of India, as seen through the eyes of a pilgrim.

Ganga Ma, A Pilgrimage to the Source, presents with striking images festivals, funeral ceremonies, art and the daily life of the ancient Hindu culture thriving along the banks of the Holy Ganges River. The funeral of the last Maharaja of Benares, the Kumbha Mela 2001 - the largest gathering of people in the world - and the Himalayas are shown in an intense and engaging narrative of visuals and music.The images, aided by spontaneous statements of holy and ordinary men, invite the viewer to a journey of spiritual introspection. Issues of life, death, peace and human values are brought up in an inviting meditative space.
In blatant contrast to the present times of turmoil and unrest, Ganga Ma inspiring message reaches the audience with a timely, deep and joyful approach to a different reality.The sound track from festive events and original compositions recorded in a studio in Benares (Varanasi) merge with the stunning visuals to take the audience through a feast of beauty.

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Comment by George Williston on January 17, 2010 at 1:43am
Very cool. Looking at the picture here on your page I thought it was an African journey. I will seek the whole movie when I get a chance. I am fascinated with India and its spiritual heritage. My book in the first half looks at who we are and have been as a culture then it compares it to who we could be as better expressions of human beings. My chapter on Jesus shows him as a highly developed human being who travels to India and Tibet as a young man to further his "education" studying with highly developed teachers. Paramahansa Yogananda brings it to light in one of his books and others have also. I love his writings. I also cite his teacher Sri Yuketeswara form his book Holy Science about cleansing the heart and allowing the natural love to flow for God is love or love is God. As my grandfather taught me he also taught , "God is All in All". Please visit my webpage and watch my youtube videos they are poor and boring but please explain to me how my brother and I got the last scene in "Learning What our Hearts are For" we do not know and neither did the techy's who loaned us the camera. I was meant to say good bye and wlak over the hill but instead I vaporized, very strange. We did not do it intentionally. I apologize for my unexcited way of speaking thats just me.
Peace and love,

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