Cottrell Boyce's script takes as a starting point the story that prisoners in Auschwitz, their faith tested by their suffering and the barbarity of the Nazis, put God on trial.

In the drama the charge is that God has broken his covenant with his chosen people to protect and care for them. The trial takes place in a camp blockhouse over the course of one day around a selection of those prisoners who are going to be taken to the gas chamber.

"God On Trial is set in an extreme situation, but it wrestles with the great questions we all ask ourselves: how can there be so much suffering in the world, and what kind of a god could let such things happen? God On Trial attempts to look at some of the most perplexing metaphysical issues, but it is also a drama about what keeps the human spirit alive even when faced with the worst suffering and impending death."

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Comment by francis hatin on February 28, 2009 at 9:46am
Intersting how the attributions actions behaviors of man woman an child are projected to gOD?s of stone tablets animal skin scrolls an other illogical unreasonable items of video qoutes from TORah were an are indefenceable what was the verdict whom was subpened appariently a kangaroo court or what was the disposition notice how the alledeged gOD is ascribed with adding and approveing of wholesale exspessions of HAte DeAtH WArs GEnoCIDEs devide an CONquer MENTALity his chosen people do they still mutilate there chidren that there gOD formed in the WOMB perfectly according to Scriptures they are feafully and wonderfully made HE who KNEW no SIN was MADe SIN for US ergo he an his followers/people perish DUE to LACK of KNOWLEDGE When a man holds up a BOok and SAys YoU must beLIEVE this beCAUSE It SAys thus SAitH thE LOrd should we not PITy THAT man DOses HE comprehend the liberty(ies) of man to acQUIRE KNOWLEDGE 4 exAMPLE the boOK this is a PARAfraze from THE EDITOR'S PREFACE absent of PUNCuations PROPer CAPITALization is MOSTly INTENTional visit for balance of preface for OTHER ("INFOrmation big brother oil corp.s an OThers DO not want you to KNOW") www. is REDUNdanceS to DOmain Names WEBs PAGEs,,,,, FORWARD TO http// = Click Links shAIR ask/reQUEST SAme of tHEM PerSONs ?hemp-sisters nutiva "fuellessengine = ("MOTTO ABOVE"}
Comment by Wilma Ham on February 16, 2009 at 3:33am
Ho'Oponopono is it for me. God is not to blame, God gave us everything he could,we need to stop it or better I need to stop it.
Comment by frank rupp on February 13, 2009 at 8:53pm
Great, keep on using GOD as a Scapegoat. We manifest in the 3D What we THINK about and FOCUS on. Do you believe in WAR? Do you believe in Suffering and Misery? We ALL Allowed in Intended the war and Auschwitz.
We ALL created it with our 'thoughts' and 'intentions'. Once we take Total Responsibility for what we are creating this moment, then we can use our Choice, and create something else. It's All about FORGIVENESS! You can use HO'OPONOPONO or EFT to remove and forgive the negative Emotional Energies, that are creating misery, suffering, and the war inside yourself. When you find fault with the IS (that you created) or want the IS to be another way, you create conflict within yourself. Conflict is Negative Emotion, which will create dis-ease, imbalance, and unwanted events.
There never really was anything Wrong! But our Ego's would differ with that. Ask your ego what is wrong, and you will receive a Long List. As Eckhart Tolle says, it's time to 'Quiet the Noisy Mind', and let go of the programmed Egoic Mind, and listen to our Hearts.
Where has listening to the Egoic Mind got us so far? Do we Have to Listen to it forever? What would it be like to Stop Listening to it?
It's just another bad habit, that we have accepted. We can CHOOSE to stop listening to the Ego.
We can Choose Peace! It's in our activating DNA right now, our frequencies are rising, above the Dense Fear of the 3D into higher realms of being. We are Now bringing Heaven to Earth. We can Forgive ourselves for creating millenniums of war and angst. The experiment is Over, and so is the Game.
Peace Is Imminent. What do you THINK?? OOPS, Don't THINK, Be! :-)
Now, go out and Have some FUN!

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