Israel: Demonstration against the War Crime in Gaza, in front of Defense Ministry in israel last dec. 27

hmmm one question: where are iPeace members living in Israel ???? (joke)

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Comment by clu on December 31, 2008 at 4:41am
Comment by clu on December 31, 2008 at 4:19am
Dear Vincent:I was in the demonstration !I was there with an ipeace friend:Eva Ferrero!
We were supporting the demanding of ceasefire and violence actions in Gaza,as well as joining to peace activist groups like;" Combatants x peace" .
Idon't think you lack of knowledge and information about our situation.Israelian people wants peace and this doesn't mean to kill innocent palestinian (or israelian )people.And some of us believe Peace is not related to
kill people at all!Some of us believe in emphasize efforts in Diplomatic Sphere and Understanding.Some of
israelian believe in Life Love and Peace!
Comment by Gershon Morag on December 30, 2008 at 9:19pm
Dear Mr. Mespoulet: I don't think this iPeace site is the right place for the exposition of your political propaganda against Israel. Your very one-sided posts don't contribute to the achievement of peace in the area. Using the term of "War Crime in Gaza" shows the lack of knowledge and information about the source and reasons of the israeli attack on the Hamas regime. I believe that you wouldn't react and express yourself in the same manner if your peaceful town of Manosque in France would have been bombarded by your neighbour with hundreds of missiles. Israel excersised restrain for months trying to find a way to make the Hamas stop the shelling. But nothing happened. They are shelling israel towns since the israeli withdraw from the Gaza Strip (and they are still calling Israel ¨The Conqueror") and the Hamas Coup d'Etat and the establishment of their fanatic regime. There are many Peace Lovers in Israel. Most of the people here are, and they are ready to compromise on many things for Peace. But, for some strange reason, we don't want to be exterminated. Not by the Iranian regime and not by the Hamas regime. How do you define the call of the Islamic leaders to exterminate Israel? A call for peace? And the defensive attack on the Hamas by Israel is a "War Crime"?
Be Peace with you!

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