Make awesome friends - with Paul Sanders (Part 2)

Make awesome friends – with Paul Sanders (part 2)
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Welcome to part 2 of my conversation with Paul Sanders. In this episode, Paul and I delve more in depth into the topic of creating friendships, but not just any friendships – intentional friendships.
In our discussion, we go over:
– Why you need to be more strategic throughout the friend-making process and surround yourself with people who elevate and inspire you
– How to use ‘hook points’ to naturally steer a conversation towards exchanging contact information and precisely what to say
– Why leveraging activities you are already doing is the perfect invite strategy and how to create pressure-free group outings even if you’re brand new to a location
– Paul’s weekly habit for following up with people and what to do if they don’t respond
– How showing a little vulnerability can go a long way towards establishing strong, long-term friendships
…and a bit more about achieving a balance between being proactive and having a good time; the process of making friends should be dynamic and fun!
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