Passion Between the Sheets of Life, An Open Heart by Irene Brautigam. A trilogy, Book One.

" Many people do not know how to embrace all of the human emotions given to them, and instead they run from them, hide from them, deny them or just fear them altogether. Allowing ourselves the freedom to completely experience all forms of these emotions, and from the depths of one's being, can give us such power and energy. This overwhelming passion for life could ultimately relinquish us from all fear, including that of death. "

This is the true story about two passionate people whose lives collide, as if by fate. Watch as they reconnect in life and discover a love that is intense, addicting and tumultuous. Are they each other's divine destiny or are they on a path of leading to heart break.
This story is not only about the passion between these two people, but about having an almost overwhelming passion for all things in life.
It is bound to arouse the great passion that exists in all of us, and will release it from the depth of our hearts and souls.
In this, we will be able to not only achieve greater success in our relationships, but in all aspects of our lives.

About the Author

Irene Brautigam has lived in the heart of the Canadian Rockies her entire life. Born and raised by German immigrants, in the shadows of Heart Mountain, she grew up believing that the rest of the world lay just over its peak. When she reached adulthood, she planned to climb that mountain and find the countries she had only dreamed of. From her mid teens to her late twenties, she travelled extensively and discovered the riches that exist in the many unique and fascinating cultures of the world. Wherever she went, she felt at home and found an instant bond and love, for its people. It is through these travels that she developed a sometimes overwhelming passion for all things in life.

In 1980, at the age of 26, the author settled down to business and opened the first furniture store in Canmore, Alberta. Irene was married in 1988, on the peak of Heart Mountain and has two children. After seventeen years in the furniture business, she sold the company and retired to open a Bed and Breakfast and to raise her two children. In 2006 Irene became a Realtor. This was also to be the year she would discover the love of her life, who had been waiting for her for three years.

Watch for the second book in this trilogy Soul Mate coming soon.

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