Raven Cohan on Tai Chi-Qigong interviewed on Celebrity Cruises and news show that edits in earlier history

Raven on board Celebrity Century and afterwards on news show at SouthFlorida .com,edits in video of dance and early tai chi experience. She introduces concepts of basic Qigong for self-healing and how Raven at 62 still is flexible and repaired old contortion and adagio dance injuries.

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Comment by Raven Cohan on June 1, 2009 at 9:47pm
Peace begins within. Do things for YOURSELF to become peaceful inside before going OUT to change the world. If you are an activist, you can be active for any cause through understanding there is no one in the WORLD who is doesn't somewhere within want some degree of love. No matter how our varied cultures try to indoctrinate us into thinking 'the enemy is all filled with hate', there is no one who cannot be moved by self love that can lead to love of all people. So train yourself to love yourself and then become active in spreading that love. If you focus on eradicating hate, the emphasis is on the negative. Like the old song, "Accentuate the POSITIVE..." That title gets us focused on change. Start with yourself.

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