Forgiving The Past, And Working For A Brighter Future!

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Comment by ♥Peace+World~Unity~Angel♥ on April 30, 2009 at 1:38am
thank u so much for this gr8 message and i hope many more will listen to it - namaste
Comment by Julie Veronica Smith on April 23, 2009 at 6:03pm
Your articulation of that which you research is exemplary. Whilst I concur that the time has come for humanity to forgive, I fear that forgetting the error of our ways in the past as recorded in history will only cause it to re-occur. Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is merely one acknowledging that though they were wronged, they choose not to be held captive by the offense any longer. They no longer allow it to govern they lives, harbour resentment nor breed bitterness. Regrettably the 'game of politics' is one played through desperation caused by a lack of accountability. The only way peace can built is one brick at a time, starting with the foundations. Until such time as leadership, no matter what sphere raises its hands and acknowledges they have erred, and need to take a new direction and are willing to follow through we shall continue to be plagued by the ravages of war
Comment by Jill Yodels on April 16, 2009 at 6:31pm
Thank you for wanting to my friend. Your words are common sense and well presented on your part. I like the way you touch on nature as I have a Wildllife Refuge that will allow no hunting or building. No harm to any living being. I could of sub divided the one hundred acres but why? Not that I could not use the money, but I can use the peace of mind and the ability to die knowing I left the world a little better place. I always say look to nature and you will see the answers. The wildlife care and rear the young with great tenderness for the future so they can be healthy. Animals take what they need, they do not know greed. Everyone needs a place to sleep and rest.

Yes we all have our faults, and I so agree it is time of politics to end. War to end. As I grew up it was war drills in school, Cuba. Then as I was at the end of High School the V.N. war, now here we go again. I feel other country's were working for peace and along came Bush. I was so sad, once again war. Now it is the worst as we are creating a harm to the planet that is not going to clean up. Of course the people the animals. The suffering. The V.A. hospitals are over flowing with minds that are wounded, and the people in other countries suffer so much, again for what? No real reason that makes sense.

I teach a small group of dance students and promote compassion to them. I will not allow anyone to make fun of another student or think they are better, we all have our gifts and rate of learning. I created a dance called compassion. It was to do with class. doing away with the idea of it matters not who we are, we must treat each other with respect, and enjoy life and the beauty that we as humans can experience as easy as distance and hate.

I just am doing some D.J. work at one of the local Native American Radio Stations, WOJB. It is refreshing as we all think as what you said. We will honor Earth Day. When I am on air I play songs of beauty and message of peace in any song I can find, songs of beauty and hope. I like your speaking voice as well.

I need not tell you to keep the good work going, for I know you will and are. Your doing a fine job, and do so appreciate the way you add nature into your message. We are not better than the animals or the land. I live in an area of hunting and people for war, the majority. It is difficult. I have am trying to make my home and sanctuary into a place for a retreat. It is my own beauty for land and animals and quiet for the mind. Thanks Jill
Comment by Wayne Elkin on April 15, 2009 at 10:41am
You are so gifted in what you do it blows my mind. Thanks! another home run

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