Vape Tricks | Tornado | Jellyfish | Dragon | Snow Wolf 200 WATT

By Joey Fierro
Published: August 30, 2015
Updated: August 30, 2015
Vape tricks are one of the Best things about vaping. Theres nothing better then to build your rda to perfection and blowing Huge Vape CLOUDS. People drive crazy when they see these clouds. Blowing huge Vape clouds is a trick in itself. Many times you can hear about Vape stores such as Illusions Vape Smoke shop having Vape comps. Vape competitions is where you can see big Vape clouds and Vape tricks. There Are a number of easy introduction tricks that you can try yourself. My personal favorite first time tricks are the tornado, dragon, and the single o's. These Three tricks are great for any beginners. Once you master these Vape tricks you Will wanting to learn more.
Like maybe trying to do the jellyfish trick.
We look forward to seeing you do Vape tricks. Check out another great video by Illusions Vape Smoke shop an tell us what you think of our videos!
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