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  • ODE TO HAITI number four 4 in ENGLISH

    ODE TO HAITI number four 4 in ENGLISH

    I just sung and spoke... what else to do? I am only a musician who aprecfiates ecology, psychology,… Tags: love TAZA Jan 19, 2010 8 views



    I just recorded a song for HAITI. So many souls... they don't even know they are dead... it was so… TAZA Jan 15, 2010 10 views

  • song for eva

    song for eva

    I jsut sung, improvising, just simple. Simple choice, going astray or going to fight or not followi… TAZA Jan 13, 2010 6 views

  • mulher, osho

    mulher, osho 03:29

    TAZA Dec 6, 2009 13 views

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