VirtualLight #6 Pineal Crystals : July 2009

From Steve:

In this message the group covers two important but seemingly unrelated topics. Its always my job at the end to put a label on the message that can describe it to all of you. That is difficult in this case as the topics they covered were varied but each one was important to know right now.

One of the items they talked about was the economy. They said that all of the air was not yet out of the bag and until it was, a solid foundation could not be made to build lasting growth. They made a point to say that our economic systems were based solely on perception. They actually say it is based on perception of perception. They needed to make this point in order for the next part of this message to be understood.
They said we are at a crossroads right now and in the immediate future.

Since 1998 when they first channeled about the Crystal Children, they said when the Crystal Children begin to enter there will be NO MORE SECRETS. That we are seeing today. That is what is happening in Iran and many other places on Earth at this moment.
The group said a critical mass is about to be reached in the US when many of these secrets from many different sources will be revealed. When that happens, how we deal with it and how we perceive it will determine the future of our economies over the next ten years. The next ten years will determine the direction of them over the next one hundred years. If there is transparency and honesty as these truths are revealed it can be a positive perception. Even though the initial reaction will most likely be anger and mistrust the global perception can be overall positive as a clearing of something that now revealed can never happen again. If there are attempts to hide or manipulate this coming wave of raw truth, mistrust will reign and the rest of the air will come out of the bag in our economies. It is our choice and we can all have an active role in what is coming. For examples of how to make a difference and make your voice heard we need only look to the brave souls in Iran.

The second important point they covered was the Pineal Crystals forming in humans as part of the Re-wire process and what that can mean to all of us. The group has been talking for years about humans becoming crystalline, this is the first solid evidence that it is happening in humans. In fact Medical Science has even coined a word for it now. Biomineralization. Now that you all have an image of rock people walking around, let me say that the group says once activated this can be a physical step toward can result in a new forms of telepathic communication, time travel, multidimensional awareness and controlling the physical ageing process. Basically it is the next step in our evolution. Ready?

I guess that in a way they two topics are related because if the Pineal Crystals are activated it will no longer be possible to keep secrets in the first place.

Big hugs and have a great July!


Steve Rother

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