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Comment by Douglas 'Ou-ee-ii-jay-ii' Jack on June 16, 2009 at 7:33pm
Bonjour Serge,
J'ai entendu un de tes vidéos sur i peace. J'aime tes deux sous sur Palestine-Israel. S'il est possible j'espère que nous auron un chance de recontre. Je travaille avec un groupe Corporation du developpement durable ici à Montréal. Je parle et écrit en Française mais comme tu voit je suis d'origine anglaise. Suivant je mis un déscription d'un part de notre programme CDD
Hello Born Activist,
I watched the U-tube video 'Twelve Laws for World Peace' and appreciate the unity you are trying to achieve. I appreciate that armed policing or soldering are not acceptable as both feed aggression and inhibit our communication. However surprising, it may be in the dialectic expression of our diversity that we are able to find peace. If each of us is a voice of the earth speaking and all voices are part of a greater harmony, then diversity brings us the beauty of our song together. I work with a method called 'Both-Sides-Now, Equal-Time-Recorded-Dialogues' as a means for individuals and groups to research and find conflict-resolution together. This ancient method of 'debate' (French = 'de' ='undo' + 'bate' = 'the fight') allows us to explore the complementarity of our differences or discover the limits of our consciousness.

Both Sides Now is a call for everyone everywhere to meet with both friends and perceived opponents or wherever there is conflict in recorded equal time recorded dialogue. Participants estimate a time-period to meet usually 90 minutes and then like the talking stick tradition divide the time equally. When one person speaks they record time on their watch (stop watch function on most common watches) the other listens, perhaps taking notes. Then when the time recording is turned off, the other may speak and start their time recording. A voice or video recorder records each session. Many voice programs have automated text-transcription programs now. Participants may choose to speak confidentially however public events such as for peace-making may require the participants to publish dialogues in public media. There is not a sincere warrior or soldier in the world who would choose arms over dialogue if they believe in the message of their cause or role. We believe that all of humanity has many issues to dialectically sort out through such recorded dialogues. This is the academic (open garden in Athens) tradition of Socrates recorded by Plato in ancient (500 BC) Athens where time-clocks would keep track of time and the circle of intentional community recorded diverse understandings of each dialogue. Jesus' tradition of the 12 disciples reflected this tradition in recording diverse aspect in the gospels, each different but complementary. Other world teachers and traditions have used dialectics (both-sides) for peace-making more successfully than Christians.

The First Nation traditions of the Americas cultured dialogues in the circle of the people. The Council and circle processes, Consensus (commonality) and Caucussing (grouping of like-interests), Production Societies, Progressive Ownership accounting through the string-shell (wampum, esnoguay, kayoni, seewan, quipu etc), Apprentice to Elder mentoring, Multi-level orchard food production efficiencies, Male-Female partnership, inclusive economic accounting and other traditions of abundance and peace were all complementary inter-disciplinary sciences.
Douglas Jack, 514-364-0599, LaSalle

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