I´m sure, based i my life´s experiences, it´s very easy TO HAVE knowledges. The difficult is TO BE this knowledge. So, the peace born inside each one and so, can go thought the world around us. All is inside. Include the answers. Thus, don´t looking for out. If we can found the peace inside us, we can transform the world around us. Kisses in your heart. Ngari

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I think we are all agreed on this...

Love and Peace

Yes I think we are, thank you Lana
Peace & Love..hugs x

Beautiful Lovely inspiring words dearest Robby...as are YOU. Love ya Sister..Hugss xx
I agree that having peace in your heart is a start to you being a peaceful person, I do not agree that JUST having peace in your heart will ever bring peace to mankind and while many may have the answers inside them; that alone is not going to solve the problems. Who is going to enforce those answers over people that do not agree with you? Who are going to enforce those answers upon powerful religions and political groups that are not interested in anything but their self interests? The wars going on throughout the world are creating enemies on a daily basis; enemies who want to retaliate, because how do you develop love in your heart when some group is blowing your country apart and killing and raping your children and wives, destroying everything you have and you do not know where your next meal or your next drink of clean water is to come from. How do you tell these people, let alone teach them, to have love in their hearts and to forgive those that have done these things?

As some have pointed out education is part of the answer but then to get people to carry through on being educated is another matter. Many times educating someone to live, believe and practice love and peace, and to treat others as you would like to be treated goes against everything they believe politically and religiously. Let me give you an example; just a few scriptures out of the bible that everyone is familiar with. One, as I already stated, to treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated; second, Jesus said at Matthew 5:44 to love your enemies and to even pray for those persecuting you. Yet religion only gives lip service to these principles and the second your countries politicians want to go to war; the nations religions forget what is in their Holy books, and the people; the ones who say “we need peace in our hearts, we need to treat others as we want to be treated, we need to love and pray for out enemies”, well all of a sudden they have forgot all these high principles and they are off to war or sending their children off to war because it makes them feel safer; they care little for the lives in all the families their government is going to be destroying. Most people, the majority by far, are not about to stand up and do what is best for people in other parts of the world if it means standing out as different from your friends on the block, or standing up against your government even when you know they are wrong if it means you will go to jail, or leaving their religion even though it does not practice what it preaches. So, what I am wondering about is how are you going to change this; you are going to change this by your learning to have peace and love in your hearts? Well, I am not belittling this, because yes we all need love and peace in our hearts; but do you realize hundreds of children are coming into the world and learning to hate faster than you will teach one person to love just by your example. Thousands and thousands of people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, South America, Africa and elsewhere are all learning to hate on a daily basis because of the wars and other ethnic problems going on. You are going to teach these people to have peace in their hearts and to love those dong this to them? I think not, at least in your lifetime or our children’s life time.
If you want make an impact, next time you go to church ask you religious leader why the church doesn’t practice what Jesus taught? Ask you religious leader why the church supports wars and the sending of your children off to war when Jesus said to pray for your enemies. Ask your religious leaders where does the bible support nationalism over Christianity and the treating your neighbors are yourselves (your neighbor is not jut the person that lives next to you, he is also the person in the country next to you). If you want to make an impact quit sending your sons and daughter off to war to kill those that you claim you want to help. Anybody can say you need to look inside yourself, this seems to be the saying of the day, well more need to look outside themselves and then do something about what they see, stand up, speak up. Quit supporting religions and government that are the cause of the problems.
...Ask you religious leader why the church supports wars and the sending of your children off to war when Jesus said to pray for your enemies... ask... where does the bible support nationalism over Christianity and over treating your neighbors as yourselves (your neighbor is not jut the person that lives next to you, he is also the person in the country next to you)?

Thank you for this balancing entry to the "peace is in the heart" answer to the crucial question.
i agree peace should be from within but it cannot stay there or it dies we must share that peace give it to others and share it with the world! then true peace reigns
Yes Christine ..a agree too.spread our wings and fly..Sharing with the World..Uniting in Peace,Love,Hope & Harmony..

Interest in dialogue about peace went to sleep after November 14, 2009 at 11:59am

Peace can be " inside" us while injustice makes war rage all around us.  But is that peace, really, or just a the ability to escape from the burden of responsibility for the suffering in the world?


Sorry,  I do not want to offend, but I am so aware complacency preventing people from coming together in determination to save the world. 

I am I saying that  peace within is not enough. Come together with people around us in real space , talk freely, hold on to several viewpoints at the same time so that a new shared meaning can emerge from the spirit of Bohmian dialogue, then discuss experiences and progress here.

In Dialogue, a group of people can explore the individual and collective presuppositions, ideas, beliefs, and feelings that subtly control their interactions. It provides an opportunity to participate in a process that displays communication successes and failures. It can reveal the often puzzling patterns of incoherence that lead the group to avoid certain issues or, on the other hand, to insist, against all reason, on standing and defending opinions about particular issues.

Dearest Janos,

I am 21yr actvist for Peace & social Justice issues & causes..Actions are important ! I do so daily.

I think what others & myself are saying is that we must first find our inner Peace ,from with in ourselves,becoming AWARE is essential. To have peaceful dialog,with honesty,compassion,open minds & hearts ,deep respect for others..

We 1st need the ability to do so,correct?

If not,then  dialog in differing view points & beliefs can quickly become heated arguments,as I have seen so often,here on iPeace & every where. Letting go of 'ego' ,finding peace from within , deep respect of others,etc..must be achieved-Globally,if WE are ever going to have True peace. IMHO..


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