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Poverty is one of the major obstacles to peace. Here we fight poverty.

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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Poverty is not just a matter of subsistence. Poverty encompasses the absence of opportunity to partake of the very things we take for granted: food, housing, education, training, work opportunities, and most severely, it denies the right to a fruitful life. Poverty drives individuals to extremes just so as to survive.Others lose hope, faith and will.

Despair drives parents to sell children, teenagers sell their bodies for a pittance and societies crumble incrementally under the pressure of living on nothing.

Values and norms lose meaning as the fight to live through hunger and a spot in a drain pipe for sleep out of the rain, fighting over that extra sniff of glue are all that some children learn about being disposable and invisible to the greater world

And what do we lose in the process? Human potential. We lose a child’s discovery of their own mind, a child who through play and exploration would otherwise uncover the wealth of their own talent and what they could possibly contribute to the world

As you brush off a child who begs to wash your car windows as you wait for a red light, or a kid asks to take your shopping trolley, don’t just imagine it being your own child, but see the scientist, the musician, the economist, the community leader, the teacher, whose potential dies in your looking the other way……

The choice is yours… and yours…and yours And mine! We can make poverty history if we want it to be.

There is this idea that poverty is something that born and bred in developing nations: media and commerce have created the illusion of a great divide… and it is often relegated to a developmental one.

Truth is Poverty is spawned in your own home. It starts in the mind. It grows roots in the soil of apathy and it spreads like a cancer among the backstreets of everything you and I pretend not to see. It flourishes among the garbage bags of everything we take for granted: running water, a bed, warmth, family, holidays, birthday wishes, even a simple smile which lets you know someone has SEEN you, acknowledge your existence…

Poverty is not just a matter of money. Poverty is what comes from living beyond the realm of those in need of a helping hand.

Give, so a girl can development her self confidence and become self-reliant.

Give, so a young man need not prostitute himself to foreign holiday makers,

Give, so that a man need not traffic his child for 50dollars.

Give a Damn… it goes farther than just a Dime …. And BE the difference in their lives and your own.

Poverty like illness knows no boundaries. Wealth does not protect one from it and poverty itself does not make you immune to its impact.

With the current tumbling of the world’s financial markets, the loss of billions around the world offers all of us an opportune moment of reflection. The first Wall Street Crash sent the world into an economic nightmare. These days governments rally together at the speed of light in a financial rescue mission….

And it still does not change one aspect of the status quo…

Those stuck in poverty remain stuck in the mud or rambling knee deep in disease infected refuse landfills, which is home to seagulls and homeless children: it feeds a pittance to some anonymous stricken family in the back streets of Bogota, children scramble bottles together for enough small change to kill the cold off their skin for a night.

Walk around your own city without stepping over some homeless anonymous entity and ask yourself how difficult is it to care…

Poverty Day: Take part! Care enough so there does not have to be one next year!

Create opportunities for Trade rather than Aid.

It's in our hands and hearts... if we choose to have a mind to.....

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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on January 26, 2013 at 4:34pm

Peace may  not be possible if Poverty continues

Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on November 22, 2012 at 4:23pm

Good information

Comment by maurie j. campanella on November 21, 2012 at 11:11pm

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Comment by maurie j. campanella on September 2, 2012 at 12:21am

Truthfully....asking for help like this was probably one of the toughest things Jane and I have ever had to do.
For us it is a matter of economic survival....pure and simple.
If you can help....we will be eternally thankful !!!

Comment by maurie j. campanella on May 8, 2012 at 8:50pm

Comment by maurie j. campanella on May 5, 2012 at 2:12am

Comment by maurie j. campanella on April 26, 2012 at 9:49pm

Comment by maurie j. campanella on April 26, 2012 at 9:45pm
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Comment by maurie j. campanella on March 30, 2012 at 2:23am

Help me raise $2,000 to give children clean drinking water for their villages.

I'm donating MY BIRTHDAY....4/09/2012.... to this worthy cause..

Info here :

Comment by Jurgen Brul on March 19, 2012 at 4:15pm

Dear friends,


Our Economy is so BAD, that Executives Officers are SLEEPING Behind their Desk and

Supervisors are STEALING from the Company! That is why many Corporations have;



That 's how Bad the Economy is! 


The Director-General of the World Trade Organization Pascal Lamy and

The CHIEF Executive Officers(CEOs) must

Frequently Move from Behind their Desk and

Reach out to the Interns and Junior Employees in order that:

1.)    Coaching Executives do NOT stay Behind Their Desk!

2.)    The President and the CEO Current Policies are Really  Being Followed by

-          Interns,

-          Junior Employees and

-          Executives!

3.)    Real Alignment(SYNERGY;Profit Forecast, Budget Cost and PROVISION Management & CONTROL)between

-          The People(Consumers),

-          Employees and

-          President & CEOs!


This leads to a Sound Economy with

No Nation Deficit and

No Business(Charles Ponzi scheme) Bail Outs!

Because the Government and Business-Corporations Really understand the People and

IMMEDIATELY  Act on the Needs of the People!


Chief Executive of Studio Lambert(Television Production Company) Stephen Lambert must

continue to MOTIVATE (Army)Generals, Executives or Owners of a corporation to;

1.)    Go undercover as an entry-level employee,

2.)    Rewards hardworking employees through campaign, promotion or financial rewards and

3.)    Give training or better working conditions to other employees! 


Jurgen R. Brul


PS. May Our Good Soldiers and Civilians, who Serve and Protect Their Nation, Rest in Peace!


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