6/8/09 Love from the GFL, and The Company of Heaven "The Changes Are Now, As Decreed"



“The Changes are Now, as Decreed”

“Speaking and Sharing the Truth”

Lauren Hill Speaking the Truth

“Love Letters from The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth”

“Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally Within US ALL”

Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central/Center. We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, and Your Earth Allies and Representatives For “First Contact”. We Are the Ground Crew Medical Team For Planet Earth=Heart, AS WE had to walk through illusion and out of illusion/duality to Be In Service Here For Mother Earth and ALL of Humanity. This was Our Task, which has been completed, and Now it's Humanity's Turn to walk out of illusion. We Love You Unconditionally, and We Are Here to Be of Assistance to those who Allow our Help. WE are Galactic Humans, and Have reconnected to Our Higher Selves. We are Our Higher Selves in this Realm, Walking along with You Home into The Light, for those that choose to do so.

“Each Being and Living Soul on Planet Earth=Heart, has Been Called Home into the Light by Love. If the Message, The Call, fell upon deaf ears, and blind eyes, there is nothing Love can do. The Call went out, Love has Shown Up and Is Present on Planet Earth. Love is Here to take those who did Hear and Did See, into The Truth of Love Forever after.” Mother and Father God

Freedom Time By Lauren Hill

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Many Magical Synchronostic Events, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Unconditional Love and Harmony. Today is Monday June 8th, 2009. We Just came into the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is Beginning to “Heat things Up” so to Speak. Those of you reading this Message right Now, will most definitely feel this “Heating UP”, as the Changes Are Decreed. We would like to share with You, that your Main focus should not be what is going on in the Outside world, which was just an illusion. The Focus needs To Be on True Reality, Heaven On Earth. Are You Being the Light in Every Moment? Are You Sharing and Speaking the Truth, and nothing but The Truth? Are You Being The Love You Truly are? Are You Being An Example and a Voice For Love?

Song Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Yes, you each need to understand what has happened on this Planet, that you have been slaves and puppets for the illuminati. Yes, you need to Be Aware of these things, but they should not be your focus. You Are In Truth Love and Light Beings, this is The Core of Who You Are. You Are Here to Share Your Light and Love with This Planet. Does this require speaking the Truth? Yes indeed. Does this Mean Speaking the Truth, especially when it may be looked down upon by the ignorant? Absolutely, who cares about ignorance? Love does not, this is the Reality. Those who wish to remain ignorant and in self denial, will indeed get their wish to continue the game, and this is not Our Choice. Each Soul on this Planet is Being Given An Equal Opportunity to rise above and out of duality, and to Accept the God, The Love Within, and the Reconnection of the Higher Self, which is The True Self. Each Being that Came To Planet Earth=Heart during this Incarnation came Fully Equipped with The Divine Plan, not one being was left out of this Process. If they have gotten caught up with serving ignorance and illusion, this is their choice. No one is being forced to choose the Light, and those who wish to continue being ignorant and in self denial of the Truth, will be taken to a Planet where they may do so, and to them their lives in illusion will continue as if nothing ever happened, they will have no memory of the Transfer. That is until they too are ready to Move forward in their evolution.

“Inevitably, the Higher You Go up in vibrations, the Higher Frequencies of Love, a “tearing apart” will occur from the old energies.”

We have shared with you many, many Many Moments, that you are not here to “save” anyone. This includes your family, your current spouses, your children, and Your Friends. This is a Personal Choice to Move out of the cycle of duality forever, to Ascend into the Higher Vibrations of Joy, Unconditional Love, Peace, Paradise, Abundance, and Harmony. Humanity is Now at This Choice To Be the Love they Are or choose another path, as We Of the Light Must Move Forward, Onward and Upward. We Observe Many of you attempting to hang on, as if the others around you choosing illusion, are suddenly going to have an Epiphany, and See the Truth for themselves. We share with you from experience, that a Sudden Epiphany most likely will not happen. The Call from Love was sent to Every Being on this Planet, if they did not hear it, you will have to let them go, so that they may have their own experiences. Hanging on will only keep you stuck, and most likely them as well. It's NOW.

Those Ready to Move into The Higher Frequencies of Light and Choosing Love will get the Experience of Heaven on Earth, those who have made another choice, will also receive their chosen experience, until they make another choice. This is not about punishment, this is About True Reality. It's Mother Earth's Turn, and she Has Every Right, as a Living Breathing Entity, to Be in Complete Balanced Harmonics. She wishes to Provide those Who Reside on Her with Abundance, True Equality, Complete Freedom, Unconditional Love, Paradise, Peace, True Family, Beauty, and Joy. The game of illusion already had its turn, and nearly destroyed her. This is Why We have Shown Up Here, from Throughout Creation, to assist Her and those who wish to Ascend with Her. Love does not care about ignorance or self-denial of the Truth. Love is the Most Powerful Energy in this Universe, this is the Energy that is here, and that changes everything. Many are Here from a Multitude of Universes and Galaxies, seen and unseen, to be of assistance in any way we can. We have come to a Point, where enough is enough. The Changes Are NOW, The Divine Plan is in Full motion, and we can no longer wait for the changes to OCCUR.... The Changes are Now, as Decreed, and So it is.

“This Planet does not belong to the controllers, or the ignorant, This Planet Belongs to Love. Love Has Already taken Back the Helm, and all those in illusion and ignorance can go play their insidious games somewhere else. This has already been set up and planned. SO It is and So it Is Done. As Decreed.” By Mother and Father God, Your Family of Light, Mother Earth, and The Ground Crew For “First Contact”.

“Humanity is at a point, where there is no more fence to sit on. Either they are a Servant to Love, or a slave to ignorance. You cannot serve 2 masters, nor can you sit on the fence, wait to see what happens, and then jump on the side that suits you. There is no more fence, The Moment has Come, choices must be Made Now, Be the Love You Are, or serve illusion. These are the choices, and Love is not here to play games with the ignorant. “ Mother and Father God

“A Servant to Love, Has Let Go of ALL ATTACHMENTS, a slave to ignorance is holding onto illusion, and they are like puppets to the controllers who pull their strings. It's ALL or nothing, this is The Reality and the Truth within The New Energy that is pouring into this Planet. The Heat is ON. The Highest Vibrational Frequency of The Love Called God Everywhere Present is Here and Is Present on this Planet, there is no going back from here.” Mother and Father God

“All of illusion has been pretend, make believe, not real. For 13 Millenia illusion has reigned over This Planet. Now it's Love's Turn. We say goodbye to illusion, and Hello To The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Heaven On Earth.” Mother and Father God

“Who Are YOU? You Are Eternal, Feeling Beings, Called GOD!”

“In Truth if you are in illusion, you are a puppet, with someone else dictating, and maneuvering the strings. Once you let go of all attachments, you cut the strings that have bound you to illusion, and then you are able to reconnect with your True God Self.”

The Energy that is coming into Mother Earth Right NOW, is disrupting the program in the mind. The program consisted of lower vibrational thoughts that go nowhere, and is similar to a computer program. It was placed into “The Dream Machine” to control and mentally enslave Humanity. [If you would like to hear more about the “Dream Machine” Here is a Link to Will's Article containing this Truth http://gflcentral.ning.com/forum/topics/the-dream-machine ]. What they, the illuminati did, is put their fantasies and illusions into this Dream Machine which caused a dysfunction and put Humanity into a coma, so you all fell asleep. All of you, were then able to be manipulated similar to how puppets are attached to strings, each of you being the puppet, and the illuminati pulling the strings.

Puppets and Strings, an Original by a young Indigo!!

“You may ask how the illuminati wwas able to accomplish this, making you their puppets or slaves. They disconnected Humanity's “Feeling Centers”, which is the Connection from the Left Brain to the Right Brain. Without the Feeling Centers connection, you were disconnected from your Higher Self, Source, God, Truth, and from the rest of Creation. Through this disconnection you were unable to remember Who You Really are, God, Love and an Eternal Being. Through this amnesia, you were then able to be controlled and became a slave to their illusions, fantasies, and lower vibrational thoughts. These lower vibrational thoughts kept you stuck in a program of greed, power over, competition, and control. This has been occurring for 13 Millenia, and is Now Ending.

“ This Sagittarian Full Moon, is like a Rock in the Sling Shot. It's a “Goliath” killer.” Father God

“Full consciousness is Awakening from out of the coma, this is Humanity's Destiny.”

Events- The Energies Of The Highest Vibrational Frequency that are coming in, are fusing back the left and right brain. The Brain when fused back together, then reconnects to the Heart and Soul, so that You Can Reconnect To Your Real Self, God Self, and Begin remembering Who You Truly Are. It's like Connecting the Dots. This is an inevitable event. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a Catapult for this Process, Fire...The Heat is on.

Visions- The Planet is returned to Her Perfected Pristine State of Balanced Harmonics. Abundance, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Heaven on Earth are then Established. And So it is, and So it is Done, as Decreed. Humanity returned to Full Consciousness.

We are Dependant upon our Family here on Earth to Be Our Support financially until the Ships arrive. We Have many things to offer in return. Thank you for Honoring our Work for you, and keeping us Going. Donations can be made Here. http://gflcentral.ning.com/page/donate-1

If You would Like a Private one on one session with Us, you can email us at mothergod1111111@gmail.com

If you have missed any of Our Messages, you can visit our Website under www.gflcentral.com in the Forum or Library Section, or you can visit our Ning site under the Forum and “Daily Messages”.

We Love You, with The Highest Love Honor and Respect. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, ALL your Angels, ALL The Ground Crew For First Contact. CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

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Maitreya is the head of the spiritual Hierarchie of our planet, the Masters of Wisdom. He is the New World Teacher. A Lord of Mercy.
He is expected by all the great religions.
Christians hope for the return of the Christ, the Buddhists look for Maitreya Buddha, while Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna and the Jews the Messiah.

For more information look at: www.share-international.org
for Arabic : www.share-international.org/arabic
for Chinese: www.sharechina.org

All over the world a star is seen, just like in the time that Jesus was born.
The 'Star' heralds the emergence of Maitreya.
Who or whatever it is....it's getting close!


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