A template solution for resolving disputes between regions or countries.

A template solution for resolving disputes between regions or countries.

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7. The leader of any country that makes sells or transports weapons outside of its borders is a war criminal and will be jailed without the possibilty of parole. The head of any corporation that makes or sells weapons is a war criminal and will be Jailed without parole.
Jail time will be with the general population of criminals.
Greetings . A good post . I like the beginning. First a " will for " , then solutions .

It is my observation , that the UN , has failed for all these years , because it is just another form , of the
governments that it is to preside over . Governments seem to always look for short term benefits , through
economic development . The longterm consequences , are not looked at , or brushed aside as a fixable problem , for later .

Governments seem totally unwilling to say THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE to their voters . Governments say , spend
now , pay later . When later comes , attention is drawn away from the cost of earlier decisions , to a different
issue . Peoples memories are so short , or they are drawn to the dazzle of the new issue , and the longterm
consequences are still not addressed .

The United Nations was created just after World War Two , to try to stop further wars . Look at their track
record , in regards to stopping wars . The UN fails , because it is just an extension of the governments that
it is meant to control .

Votes do not seem to be won , by democratic leaders , who say THIS WILL COST TO MUCH LATER .
Votes seem to be won by democratic leaders who say SPEND NOW , PAY LATER .

Dictatorships are held in control , with guns and violence . Countries like North Korea ect ect , don't listen to
the UN , and the world just watches . This seems to be repeated over and over throughout history .

This seems to be regarded as an acceptable part of our Human Nature . That people will fight till everything
is dead . Our world is in shackles , because of our own Human Nature .

Who will pay later ? Mother Nature .


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