In Western science causality has perceived as the only possible link between different events .But the phenomena of modern quantum physics has led to some doubts whether all the events connected with each other are in a causal manner.

It was through own experiences as CG Jung came to believe that there are events that have a meaningful connection and which are not causally, that is, they are not linked under the law of cause and effect, but still hits the same, and it does not depend on chance

Some coincidences affect us so strongly that we can not wave them off as pure coincidence. We may not understand them but we know that they are meaningful. CG Jung called these events "synchronistical." The concept synchronicity has aroused great interest among philosophers, psychologists and scientists.

It was developed during an intensive exchange of ideas between CG Jung and quantum physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli. It all takes place through the subconscious that have various levels .. We have the personal unconscious, which completely belongs to the individuals themselves, but also the collective unconscious which is common to all mankind. At the collective level, the mind is untied and not personal. It is linked to the unconscious of other people and is not limited to the individual's own psyche.

Jung conception of synchronicity is a remarkable contribution to the human thought. The reality beyond our senses veils can look very different than today's scientific claims. This connection between us all can explain some of what you mean when you are talking a bout "We are One" bound together by the collective unconscious.

An exciting thought worthy of further research in I could give numerous examples of strange coincidences. I can sit here and write a about a very particularly topic and at the same time, it will open a debate on television on exactly the same subject, to take one small example.

What do you think? Chance/coincidence or meaningful connection/ synchronicity?

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THANK very much ..:)) no, I won't gunilla , I'm a never give up kinda girl :)
Fire-soul..yup I love this u taught us..I even used in my poem inspired by you,joni,wendy,and other ipeace family..I posted it on WCAS long time ago..
I understand gunilla..Is as I have done same with you,in just wanting you to know ..that u make a difference for me & so many here ...I've written u many times of thank u good to let people know these things..:)))
This flower is for you Leah *smile*


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