"COMPLETE" - Recognition of the Divinity Within Ourselves

Hello IPeace family! Just wanted to share some info with you all. My soon-to-be released short story "Complete", is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Jan. 15...I'm VERY excited! It will be available in ebook format for easy download.

I am hoping to reach a large audience as I believe the message to be appropriate in providing insight and recognition as to who we are thereby creating peace within ourselves. Coming from a state of acceptance in ourselves, effectively allows the spread of peace onto a global platform.

"COMPLETE" (A Short Story)


"Zoe, believing she is still asleep, suddenly finds herself face to face with her otherworldly doppelganger. She is propelled through her own awakening process guided by her ethereal double who presents compelling and thought-provoking insight within a mystical realm".

I encourage you to click on the link provided, to read a two-paragraph excerpt of the book. :)


I will post again when the release date is confirmed and ready for launch. Thanks again everyone...stay tuned!

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