CONDEMN the Israeli Attacks on Gaza and west bank

Israel is using a disproportionate force against Gazan civilians. After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles and Israel responds by MASS PUNISHING Palestinians with F-16 raids. So far roughly 1400 Palestinians were brutaly murdered in 24 days, including 417 children & 108 women, 5340 injured.... whereas only 4 Israelis have died.

Palestinian kida can`t live normaly...For what? What it takes to live as all the world kids ?
I think they can`t because isreal want bigger place for his crime
Because they don`t leave thier country
Because they choosed honor
Because isreal wants allways to take from palestinians and never give them any thing.

Israel has done everything in its power to earn such a violent, disrespectful reputation worldwide. Right now, many Israelis are fighting back, side by side with other Palestinians who have nothing to do with any political party, which many visibly criticize. Now other Israelis have no real excuse to dismiss them, but most still ignore and abuse anyone who dares to speak out against the violence.
For decades Israeli PR has been trying to sell everyone and all the people around the world the idea that Israel has higher moral standards, that they’re fighting merely for their existence, that they’re the only “democracy” in the region when none are factually true.

Eye`s see whats going on on gaza and west bank for 60 years,
Ear`s hear the screem of the babies , womens and others
While the world looked elsewhere another week of DEATH ,SUFFERING AND MISERY

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do you think obama can`t see or hear whats going on!!!!!!!
if not then its a big joke
Thanks for the links you posted Michael, the situation is so frustrating, sending msgs to the ones involved in this dark and shameful operation can be a help. Well I hope so!
Israeli terrorism!!!!!!! The REAL terrorists = Israeli Military Leaders and the Israeli Political Leaders who are pushing their soldiers to act like Spartans against anything that represents Palestine or the Palestinians! It must really suck to live in fear and guilt everyday because deep inside your heart you KNOW you are imposing the worst kind of degrading punishment against an entire race of people who simply want to live in their own land with dignity! SHAME on Israeli leaders!!!!!!
I would not be able to live with myself knowing the land my house was on was stolen and people of all ages died or suffered so I could sit fat and happy in denial!
Should we repeat the same old attrocities that were imposed on native American indians, African slaves, the Jews under Nazi Germany, and the list goes on....?
When will we stop persecuting one another!
Do we EVER learn anything!
Also, as an American I am so frustrated the my government turns a blind eye to these attrocities in GAZA and the attrocities that have been going on in PALESTINE for so long! I know also that my government sponsors the SPARTAN Israeli military. I am so ashamed! I disagree with my government! I disagree with ethnic cleansing! This is all so sad, so wrong, so heartbreaking!
God help us.
God help Palestine!
whats going on in gaza is a big huge cover with most of the goverments around the world...and any stop for this war will under the deal it makes isreal safe but no one care`s about our safty...not bush not obama no one
i don`t think any president or goverment will do any thing for the palestinian...we have to make it by our selfs...coz every one can see and hear whats going on
Written by an Israeli teacher....nice...
Posted on January 2, 2009

This week I spoke with my students about the Gaza war, in the context of a class on national security. One student, who had expressed rather conservative, accepted opinions - that is opinions tending slightly to the right - succeeded in surprising me. Without any provocation on my part, he opened his heart and confessed: "If I were a young Palestinian," he said, "I'd fight the Jews fiercely, even by means of terror. Anyone who says anything different is telling you lies."

His remarks sounded familiar - I had already heard them before. Suddenly I remembered: About 10 years ago they were uttered by our defense minister, Ehud Barak. Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy had asked him then, as a candidate for prime minister, what he would do had he been born Palestinian and Barak replied frankly: "I would join a terror organization."

This is not my own answer; terrorism by individuals or organizations or states is always aimed at exacting casualties in a civilian population that has not drawn any blood. Not only is terror blind - consuming both the saint and the sinner - it also expands the circle of the hot-headed, whose blood rises to their brains: Our blood is on their heads, their blood is on our heads. And when an account of the blood of the innocent is opened, who can pay it in full, and when?

I hate all the terrorists in the world, whatever the purpose of their struggle. However, I support every active civil revolt against any occupation, and Israel too is among the despicable occupiers. Such revolt is both more just and more effective, and it does not extinguish one's spark of humanity. And perhaps I'm just too much of an old codger to be a terrorist.

But, and pay attention to this but, if a normative young person has a spontaneous answer that is different from mine, and that answer also escaped the mouth of an Israeli lieutenant general, then every individual must see himself as though his son is running with the wrong crowd. If things were the other way around, our son-whom-we-loved would be a damned terrorist, almost certainly, because he is of the third and fourth generation of refugeehood and oppression, and whence cometh salvation? He has nothing to lose but his chains.

Whereas we, his mother and father, would be weeping for the departing son because he will never return to see the land of his birth and us, except in his photograph on the wall as a shahid, a martyr. Would we detain him before he carries out his plan? Would we be able to hold him back if we wanted to? Would we not understand what he is feeling? What Ehud Barak understood in his day - would that be impossible for us to understand?

Young people who have no future will easily give up their future, which they can't see on the horizon. Their past as guttersnipes and their present as cursed unemployed idlers lock the opening to their hope: Their death is better than their life, and their death is even better than our life, as their oppressors - that is how they feel. From the day they are born to the day they leave this earth, they see their land ahead, to which they will not come as free people.

There are no good and bad peoples; there are only leaderships that behave responsibly or insanely. And now we are fighting those whom a goodly number of us would be like, had we been in their place for 41 and a half years.
Isreal is not to blame for this recent violent outburst and to make such an accusation is to only lie to yourself.
I no Gaza has been shut down toward Isreal, but supplies could have been brought in through egypt. If Hamas can smuggle weapons in, then I am sure they can smuggle baby food in. Peace will never come unless both parties want it, and that begins by sitting down at a table and talking, even if those talks go on for years it is still better than what is happening here. This cycle of violence will not end until Hamas either comes to the table as an honest partner for peace or is wiped off the face of the earth. I know this sounds harsh, but as a former American Soldier with 5 tours of duty in Iraq under my belt I speak from pure experince.
Groups or individuals who start firing rockets into civilian population centers without regard for human life must be stopped. It is up to the civilian population of Gaza to stop Hamas, and since they have not attempted to do so, Isreal must go in and do the job. This is a very bad situation, I sympathy but only for those not involved with Hamas.
This group had a highly respected beginning, but the moment it took 1 human life it forfieted any sympathy from me.

For the record:
What has been done to the Palestinian people is unacceptable. Since the forced birth of Isreal in the late 40's these people have had everything shoved down their throats without a choice. THIS IS WRONG!!!!! THIS SHOULD BE ACKNOWLEDGED!!!!! A COMPROMISE TO ALLOW BOTH MUSLIM AND JEW LIVE IN THIS LAND CAN AND SHOULD BE SOUGHT AFTER, UNDER 1 GOVERNMENT, NOT 2!!!!!!

This can be done, a democracy with legal, fair elections and palestinians and isrealis living side by side, working together to build 1 nation that benefits all of the people.
Just my feelings on the situation, I strongly believe the Palestinian people would be a great addition to 1 nation in this region in the world. The moment these 2 peoples isolated themselves from one another without giving living together a chance is the moment they doomed themselves to this endless cycle of violence.
hehehe make me laugh coz you are saying that isreal is the victime here....gaza was under siege for more than 19 mounths...and what make us live together as one country even its our land long time ago....if you read the history you will never say that...and whats going on in gaza now its just a big reply for what happend in the west bank 6 years ago and the same what happend to GENIN camp at that time...the same what happend in south lebanon 2 years ago...the same life we have ever day evey where in palestine..
Isreal kill the kids everday
Isreal have everyday a massacres somewhere here
You don`t have to live all that everyday and wake up with the kids tears and fear and kill

Your statements are not correct. I never stated that Isreal is the victim, I stated Isreal did not start this recent round of violence, and although I can strongly sympathize with the Palestinian people, I cannot see how Hamas firing rockets into Isreal has benefitted any of you. But go right ahead, keep fighting, your right, its not in my backyard, and you know why, because I would not allow it to be. I would walk to the table and sit down to discuss how to resolve this without violence. But your right, what do I know of how the Palestinians have come to kill innocent men, women and children. No different than the Isrealis. Oh ya, I have seen first hand what Palestinians are capable of, first hand. But once again, in my statement above, I did not encourage an all jewish state, nor did I write that I supported the creation of Isreal. On the contrary, I stated that the creation of the Jewish state was "wrong". But you choose to ignore this, why?

I certainly do not expect you to be angry at me, or my children, just becuase we are who we are. I know I do not dislike you because you are who you are. Yet, in the statement above you chose to laugh instead of taking on a serious conversation on how to solve the issue with as much compassion as possible.

And as for history of the region, I will never understand why this precious area is so vitally important to Jews, Muslims and Christians. The truth is the truth, a piece of dirt, is just that, a piece of dirt. Mankind has made it into something evil. But, you go on living that life you live, I can do nothing to help those, that won't make an effort to help themselves.

And as for not living that life, you are correct, I didn't live that life, instead, I lived for 5 total years as American Soldier in Iraq, another 1 1/2 years in Kosovo. I have watched the death of my best friend, the death of my "brothers" that I have spent 10 + years with, arm and arm in step. I held children less than a month old in my arms only to look down as I ran with them to realize they had no arms.

You and I have much more in common then you think, but I do not dare to tell the people around me or in my writings how they should think, instead, I tell them how I think. How I feel. Once again, I love people, but for those that strap explosives to their bodies and run into an innocent crowd of civilians or organizations that support that, I have no use for them, I have seen first hand what those types of groups call right and wrong, from every culture, including my own. No thanks, not interested.
think and live as the way you will see its better for not teeling you how to live or how to think....and don`t tell me about iraq war..first its not your war,,,you was in other people war...we all know why this war start...secound this war had a lot of scandels...,,so you wasn`t fight for your own children or your own land...
don`t tell me how to feel against who put a hug wall and take all our land to billed it...we can`t see our famillies coz of that wall.
am not telling you what to think or what to do
but i will tell you that...when it coms to your kids at you r own house and your ownbackyard...blieve me you will care


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