CONDEMN the Israeli Attacks on Gaza and west bank

Israel is using a disproportionate force against Gazan civilians. After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles and Israel responds by MASS PUNISHING Palestinians with F-16 raids. So far roughly 1400 Palestinians were brutaly murdered in 24 days, including 417 children & 108 women, 5340 injured.... whereas only 4 Israelis have died.

Palestinian kida can`t live normaly...For what? What it takes to live as all the world kids ?
I think they can`t because isreal want bigger place for his crime
Because they don`t leave thier country
Because they choosed honor
Because isreal wants allways to take from palestinians and never give them any thing.

Israel has done everything in its power to earn such a violent, disrespectful reputation worldwide. Right now, many Israelis are fighting back, side by side with other Palestinians who have nothing to do with any political party, which many visibly criticize. Now other Israelis have no real excuse to dismiss them, but most still ignore and abuse anyone who dares to speak out against the violence.
For decades Israeli PR has been trying to sell everyone and all the people around the world the idea that Israel has higher moral standards, that they’re fighting merely for their existence, that they’re the only “democracy” in the region when none are factually true.

Eye`s see whats going on on gaza and west bank for 60 years,
Ear`s hear the screem of the babies , womens and others
While the world looked elsewhere another week of DEATH ,SUFFERING AND MISERY

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It has been painful for me to read this thread, not because of what has been written in it, but because I recognize in this kind of 'dialogue' one I've been hearing for decades. Is nothing really changing?

Actually from all the posts posted in iPeace, there's one we should return to. It's Lilu's blog from Jan 11.

I say that because I think that Lilu's blog is one of the few that crystallizes the need to see and consider the needs of BOTH sides if we wish to move ahead in the long road for peace. It also crystallizes the idea that in order to have peace each side must give up some of his dreams.
Ok, I removed your comment.
Will Hamas be held accountable for the death and destruction they have caused, not only on Israel but on the Palestinian people as well. This letter turns a blind eye to the atrocities of Hamas. It does not discuss the actions of Hamas hiding in schools and hospitals, and places of worship.

Where are your crocodile tears for the people in Darfur? Where are your crocodile tears for those Palestinians killed by Hamas for going against their commands?
Dear Mrs. Kostanian,

I have read all you posts in iPeace. To be frank with you, I am not sure that iPeace is the right platform for you. It seems that iPunish would be a more suitable network. Here, our goal is to find ways for a dialogue between two peoples that have been entwined in a 100 years conflict, rather than to find who is guilty (I will give you a clue - both sides are).
Are you capable of adjusting to that?

Best regards

David Califa
iPeace creator
Yes, this goes too for John Fisher and for all those who are mistaking iPeace for something else.
Yes David I know what ipeace is meant to be for. It is in my opinion a place to share ideas and ways to achieve peace. My posts have not been intended to be personal attacks against anyone including Tatiana and Rauch. I have interjected balance and attempted to find objectivity. This is my 23rd post her at ipeace. I came here on invitation from you and if you want I will retreat back to my little corner of the world called Truth and Justice. You and everyone else is invited to join my little network. Where we try to find truth and justice and try to be objective.

let me know
Dear Ruach,
A friend of mine is bend and she did not spread hatred.
But nobody can see that here. She does not know the reason of the bending.
She does not even know who felt offensed by her, was it a Jew or a Palestinian or an American? Her friends may miss her and she cannot contact them anymore. That hurts more than you could know.
It is like inquisition. Band, killed and you do not know why. Maybe there were misunderstandings. She has no peace. She liked it here.
Nobody knows how many are bend yet. I read that onely one men was bend.
But that was a lie for she is a woman. It is not fair.God knows how many are bend yet.

There will not be peace by throwing the ones with other meanings out.
Israel will get no peace by bending or killing all palestinians.
Absense of war is no peace. Justice has to be done. Both sides have to grow together and get to know eachother and understand eachother. By throwing serious people out, that means that there are difficulties to wich is not looked at. They had better worked it out.

Now David has peace but we have no peace. My friend is hurt very deeply and I have no peace, not Ipeace.
No one was ever banned from iPeace because of her/his opinions. Very few people were banned from iPeace since its inception. The vast majority of those were people who used iPeace for commercial or self promoting reasons. Few were banned because they kept posting hate materials while disregarding our warnings. Even fewer were banned for posting defamatory and anti-Semitic propaganda (without warning), and a couple of people were banned for undermining iPeace.

Now you can have an idea of what might get one banned here.

As you can all see and appreciate, there is not one single opinion which is missing from the iPeace fabric. We let everything, as long as it doesn't conflict with our simple guidelines, to be posted without moderation or intervention.
"Now you can have an idea of what might get one banned here."

I think it would be preferable if members would have more certainty of what one will get banned for. I think it would be better if the community guidelines are more clear and explicit.

I have injected ideas for peace here and I hate no one. Rauch you have attacked me since my first post here. You have called me names and you have made derogatory statements about me and my ability to speak. Rauch I contend that it is you that is filled with hate. You have requested that more people other than just Tatiana be isolated? Would you be on that list as well?

Every post I have made asks for objectivity, for fairness, and for justice. Rauch I do not see this in your posts nor in your personal attacks against me.

Hi David,
You want a dialoge between two peoples that have entwined in a 100 years conflict.

The situation in the beginning.
People lived on a peace of land in peace on their own way.
Than other people came and said: This land is ours. God prommised it to us, thausends yof ars ago.You have to give the land to us.

Both sides keep calm and decide: This is a big problem.
What is right to do.
Without justice, there will be war. They both know that.

The wanted conversation:
P People: Can You prove that God promised you the land?

I People: It is written in the Bible.

P People: But God gave you the land thausends of years ago. Why have you left it? Why did you move away from it? We did not threw you out of it?

I People: What happened in all those years we do not know exactly.
But this land is ours and you have to move.The world hates us and we like to have a place to live in peace. We want the land back. And if you do not give it to us ,we will take it by force. We have powerfull nations who support us.

P people: If God promised you the land, why cannot you wait until He give it to you? Maybe it is not the right time, now. You have no prove. You come from all over the world. We stayed here.
God gave us this land. And we live here. Can you prove that God wands you here? That you are the ones to whome the land was promised. Anyone can say that. You are in trouble and you seek rest. I understand. And you will do anything to get a peace of land to live on. I would be glad for you if you succeed but must that be at the costs of other people. Why must we pay the price for your peace. You want the land and you take it and you do not care what sufferings my people will get in. Is not that a little bit selfish? Are you agry on what the world did to you and now you do not care for other peope anymore? You just take what you want.
Have you forgotten the 9th commandment of Mozes? : Do not whish to have what is from an other!? It is not fair. You use your power to get what you want.
God is the most powerfull. He will get eventually what He wants.
And God wands Justice, Love and Sharing. And Peace for all men. And all human rights for all men.
You can come and live here. We need not to leave. There is land enough for both of us.
We are not your ennemy. Why treat us so. We are brothers. We are from the same race.
We can help eachother to change this world into a better place to live. If we both want to.
You know. It is the Law of your God Jaweh. One eye for one eye and one hand for one hand.
In that case, as I look now, where is the balance?
Why shall I give you my hause in change for missery? How dare you ask for it?
If you think that the land is yours, promised by your God, why not wait until He give it to you.
Trust Him and be patient. Do not build your homes on the misery of others. You will never get peace or rest. That is not wise.
As long as you see us as your ennemies, You only try to get wit of us. But you know you cannot get wit of us. You may kill us all, but without Justice you never get peace.

But the harm is done. You now live too on this land. We cannot wit of you eather.
As long as we feel suppresed we wil fight for our freedom.
No people have the right to suppres other people. We bow for our God and not for people.
That is one of Jawehs commandments too. Why do you ask us to sin to that commendment.
Let us both live to the Laws of our Creator and ask for His Blessings. He created us both.

May the Devine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God be now manifest within your hearts and minds.
May this lead you out of the labirinth into the Light: that you might grow in that Light, and see a higher Light.

No where in your dialogue do you mention where Israel should live? No where in your dialogue do you mention where Mohammad tells us in the Quran that the land around Jerusalem belongs to the Jew leave it alone. No where do you mention that Israel has a right to exist because there were Jews living in the area the whole time it was called part of the Caliphate.

You forget that the world community created Israel from the remnants of the British Empire. You do not complain when Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait or any of the other Arab nations were created out of what England called Palestine. Just Israel. Is that fair? Is that just? The Jew had a great population in the Arab world, do they not also deserve a nation?


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