This is my first thread, which I have been initiating in this group. First of all I want to introduce myself before discussing the issue. By profession I am a journalist living in Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border where war on terror is being fought. So far thousands of people mostly women and children were killed in the fighting. Some half a million people have been displaced and now they have been living in the refugees camps.
I want to bring in your kind notice we have been forced by the rulers of Pakistan to live in the stone ages. This is the place where still the people mostly women and children have been losing their lives to hunger and other related problems. This the place where still women and children have been facing the hunger. This is the place where the people have been selling their children to terrorists to be used a suicide bombers.
Now the question arises who are responsible for this state of affairs. I consider the rulers of Pakistan responsible for this state of affairs.
Let us join hands to stop the corrupt and cruel rulers from destroying this world and keeping the innocent people deprived of all their rights. Please come to our rescue as we are in great trouble nowadays.

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I wished I could do something at this time Muhammad, but for the moment I'm powerless, I' don't have authority about anything, regretfully. Maybe one day this community will have grown so large that it'll be possible to take control of power and for real changes things.

It's a hopeful dream, but we must never loose hope!

Peace and Love my friend
Muhammad, I have made copies of your blog to distribute to people I meet. I don't know of any American medical, food or other form of relief being safely distributed at this time. The news reported a great effort to relieve Pakistan of terrorists. There has been reported a lack of co-operation by the Pakastan government. The Public Radio station reported the Pakistan government is not very strong at this time. The effort is reported to continue with much success in crippling the terrorists organization. I will continue to pray daily for you and your family. Pres. Obama's administration is working toward developing dialog whenever possible. Many prayers go to you and your people and that the governments will soon be able to work together toward Peace.

Absolutely right


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