A little piece to bring a smile to your face/

Golden Years?

Golden Years who’s kidding who
It’s a farce It’s just not true
Try us old folks to deceive
More like rust I do believe.

Take ARTHRITIS when your old
OH how we suffer in rain and cold
Next is OSTEOPAROSIS settling in
Meaning your bones are getting thin.

ACHES and PAINS seem to be
The ones sent to cause us misery
Then you start taking lots of pills
To help you get through all your ills.

But there are compensations too
By all the seniors discounts for you
Places that offer savings galore
Darn it who could ask for more.

But At least we manage to survive
And think how lucky were still alive
And still with family we are able to share
All the love that’s always there.
All our friends are still there too
Supporting us the whole day through
So now we can forget the pain and all

Bob Taub

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