We travle this world, into the looks of sorrow,
Everybody backs away, when we beg or borrow...
Some of you just, stand and shout,
being mad because, our hand is out...
We have no place to go,nor anyone to love,
Some faught for our rights, and God above...
Getting trampled by the feet,of those on the street,
with places to go, and people to meet...
No help from them,must be too busy for us,
while we live in boxes,or have to sleep on a bus...
We all pray for,money,health,or some broken parts,
we all lost our homes,families and some broken hearts...
Some say, we should be jailed or run out of town,
Some close their doors when we come around...
Some of us are families, with no place to go,
Others are veterans, trying to forget what they know...
Getting little help from the comunities free ride,
we're just looking for shelter with no place to hide...
There's no jobs for us,so we search all around,
You look down on us,You frown on us,
when we collect cans from the ground...
We run from earthquakes,flood and storm,
You sit in fancy offices and say"It's the Norm"
We see you every day,You turn and walk away...
If you don't get involved,And it's not your affair,
You're showing the rest of the world, you don't really care...


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This is a troubling problem that every major city in America needs to adress

Just to let you know - I think some of these discussions are read by people, but they don't comment. You probably said lots of truthful things, making people think about them and probably agreeing with you in their hearts. There isn't always the time to comment on all discussions - we all know how computers like to keep us busy with lots of stuff.
I',m sure you have reached people with your poetry. Is it yours?
Maybe that is the important thing - to put it out there for all to read. if you get comments it's good, but not the key thing (maybe?) Just guessing.
Here's a photo of Los Angeles - land of sunshine, films, music, smiles, money, big cars, Mc'Donalds...and lots of homeless.
yes,this is my work,I'll only post my work in a public forum like this one.
I'm glad you read and liked my work,I have many others...have you seen my poem widget on my blog?
it was my past,and this video that sparked Homeless in America...
Thank you for posting this video,to help bring this message to more eyes, ears and hearts...
Getting off drugs staying on the meds that are needed to balance the chemistry in the brain is almost impossible when worried about a safe place to sleep.
First the HOME
Then when the fear is removed then the help needed to get off the drugs or to stay on the medication.
Security and the home must come first.
Doing it the other way around insisting a person must be clean first costs the taxpayers more in the long run.
sadly this problem only gets worse not only in our country,but around the world,people are feeling they have no place for them,and very few willing to help them...it is a struggle to get back into a home,if you lost yours from a storm,fire,or whatever reason...alot of people have no homes,or families to return to...
when I encounter a homeless person on the streets,I'll give what I can,because I know the feeling of sombody helping you,caring enough that at least you will eat today,or give them a blanket so they will be warmer,if only a little bit...every little bit counts,and that's what matters the most,is that Sombody tried...
Sadly most Homeless people just get ignored or walked around...
some will even try a small crime,just to have a warm home that winter,
or the duration of that sentanced conviction...
hey a few months of room and board?
just for pissing on a police car and sleeping in the park?
cool,when's lunch?


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