I think we needed past Arkansas latesummer the Federation's

I think we needed past Arkansas latesummer the Federation's um okay and no I just I don't you know what I wouldn't feel rightdoing that because I either coach and you obviously I feel like there's aconflict of interest Nitro Shred there yes um so yeah and it just honestly I II I hope that shows a dollarstore stuff into its just for the most part um I think people areinherently good but I think when he gets the competitionsometimes they come a stupid and asses and they're completelyunappreciative and elm yeah I decided I just 20 have the desire to go into spend muchmoney going into debt to do something that people are sittingon a bench in the fourth cell L yeah II support you know I'll bodybuilding in generaluh if it's a good show that you could show whether it be IPA NPC here or whatever you know ifit's a good show that a good showing all you know give props oh...

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