The Memory Guard Program Review Remember the days when we all had the ability to memorize each and every one of our friend's and family's phone numbers? Don't fall prey to your cell phone and technology-instead, take it upon yourself to come up with a short list of about 10 phone numbers you use on a regular basis and instead of using your phone's built in address book, commit the number to memory and dial it in manually every time. Each time you successfully memorize a set of 10 numbers, add 10 more to memorize and so on.

Nice to Meet You

Even those with the best memories often have a hard time remembering the names of people they've just met. To be better about this, as well as incorporate a new form of memory improvement exercises, make things more entertaining by making an effort to not only remember the name of a person you've just met, but mentally list three or four things you notice about that person as well. This type of association is very helpful as reminders the next time you get stuck trying to recall a person's name. If necessary, write the info down using flash cards and test yourself from time to time-this method can prove to be especially useful to those in the business world that constantly find themselves being introduced to new people on a regular basis.

Maximize your brain's full potentials. Rev it up so it will be vigorous all day everyday by doing memory improvement exercises.

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