It's been awhile since I've had the time to actually be on ipeace for long periods (going to school, family, etc.) Does anyone know if there is a chat-room? There used to be one...

Thanks and blessings,

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Hi Shells,
Yes is sad but true our ipeace chat disappeared sometime last week. Is a shame because it was a wonderful experience last year and early 2009. It was still available option last week,not quite as busy as it was in desc/jan. but I still enjoyed popping in from time to time to say hello and chat with friends. I actually met my now fiancee' Des on ipeace group chat on New Years Eve 2008/09..we were engaged to be married by May 30th. He came to see me from Scotland in April,09
in the US..returned for second visit 1st of July and stayed 'till Sept. 10th..We are planning to marry and live in Scotland when can save the money & sort the details of moving me and 4 kitties to Scotland. :D
Also, on my profile pg. is a very uplifting blog called "One Night On ipeace Chat" I wrote about a conversation I had with a young man from Israel on the chat & some very caring replies,if you want to read it and reply if feel moved to do so, you will understand why I miss the chat so very much.
Many Blessings
Yippie! our chat returned yesterday! All you need do Shells is click on the bottom where says "ipeace chat/number ppl. online" will pop up as a chat box,then when you are done click collapse and will go back to just a line at bottom of page..happy chatting!
I just noticed ichat has returned!!! I thought it was my imagination or that I was or was not seeing the menu clearly! Thanks for responding and have a beautiful weekend!

Flower/Rock art just for you.. Photo at COM, Kentfield CA (Near San Francisco)2009 by michelle lavallee

Hello Leah, I can't believe where time has gone, or even if it exists anymore.  What a blessed meeting of Des, getting married and moving to Scotland. What an adventure! You must live there now and I pray that all is well.

Also I want to thank you for your energy and positive presence here at ipeace. You give me hope that I may meet someone who matches my spirit and soul. When I'm in school, I rarely have time to reply or post, but when I can like now, I find amazing words - like yours and I smile. ©"His holy light shines on us" Shells Marin Headlands, San Francisco, 2011

chart - room! ha ha...

i was so pleased to be in attendance at the opening of the peace Room here in generally sunny if choked by racism Boulder, CO. There were maybe thirty and cheese and chat....Amber was might wanna chat with her...but, uh, it was a room, we were chatting...

you know, people aren't all really catching up on how many Good things the existance of our global information network make it possible for Humans to do. A whole lot...

A lovely little chat room on North Broadway. i was totally pleased to see so many progressives determined behind the "P5Y" slogan -- peace in five years. Or eventually...


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