yes I agree that greed will mean the end of mankind and our planet unless we do something about it.
I saw a story on CNN called Planet in Peril...

this disturbed me in many ways,and I wish there was something more that I could do,
than just write about it in a website...but I've asked this questions on many different websites,
"What can one man do"?
and have gotten very little feedback on this issue or question...
so I thought I'd give it one more try,here...
How can these type of actions be stopped,if ever?
things that video showed me,made me hate the greed of Corperate America,
and other Countries/Governments that do this,all for the sake of money...
in short,the video covered topics from pollution on whole towns,by one smelting company,
to shark finning for soup,dumping the carcass back wasting all that meat,that could feed hungry countries,but there is little or no profit...even the Ivory Wars,still going on today...
When and where does it all end?
but...what can one man do?

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