Dedicate the last day of the year to sharing your peace.

You can download (attachments at the bottom) either a JPG or a PDF of iPeace Day flier

Please print one flier and stick it on your fridge door

You may help spread the word some more by printing and distributing.

At work

In the street

In a mall

In an airport

In your campus

Anywhere you see fit

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Install a wind turbine. One 20 year old red pine can consume 14lbs of carbon dioxide per year. 20KW wind turbine in the right wind will produce 30,000 KW per year of electricity. 1 KW of electricity produces an average of 1.3lbs of CO2. That's 26,000 pounds of CO2 that will not have to be absorbed by trees. 26,000/14 is 1857. It would take 1,857 trees one year to absorb the CO2 from 20 Megawatts of energy saved by one 20,000 wind turbine. Wow! The only figure I couldn't validate twice was the amount of gas absorbed by a pine. I bet a rain forest tree absorbs a lot more.
I'm still looking for facts on tree CO2 consumption. Here is another A single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. What is a lifetime?

Thanks for putting the effort and reminding

I'll do something when I work with children on Wednsday

Maybe we can skip the part of printing the flyers or at least minimize the number of flyers printed?

Yes! I will definitely share these images with my worldwide network. Namaste...
Dear David,
Thank you so much for the flyer. I made copies and put them up in my apartment building. I love the idea of an iPeace Day. It's too sad that we don't celebrate peace everyday. Paris.

La cosa più importante, e più utile, è farsi costruttori di pace. Cioè: aprirsi agli altri, cercare di capirli, di aiutarli, partendo dall'umanità, lasciando perdere ciò che divide, le ideologie,la politica etc... per trovare ciò che ci unisce, per aiutarsi a vivere. Ecco, per esempio: fare l'autostop. Ma anche: raccogliere gli autostoppisti, accoglierli magari anche , fraternamente, in casa propria. L'autostop è un grande mezzo di pace, praticarlo è offrire la propria amicizia al mondo, costruire la pace.Oppure: organizzare piccole feste per strada, invitando a partecipare i passanti, facendo ballare gli anziani ed i bambini... La pace nasce dall'apertura agli altri, dal gesto di fratellanza, di amicizia... una catena di bontà e di allegria che può comquistare il mondo.
L'apertura all'altro ed al mondo è il messaggio del cuore che tutto accoglie ed unisce. Grazie, Pippa Bacca
Yes! I will definitely share these images.......thanks
Hi David,

Stateside here, My friends here in the US will be confused by the date on the poster. Would you mind posting an alternate one with the MM/DD/YYYY format for us?

Peace beholden,
golden days are coming
do you think the devil will
ride you, forever?
peace you are the sea
of tranquility,
and the mind of serendipidy
yet you are waylaid
what a pity!
On this peace day,
we pledge Solidarity...

Ananya S Guha.
I will be meditating with about 100 raja yogi friends from 9.30pm on new year's eve to 2.30am on new year's day in Singapore. That has been my commitment to peace for the last 20 years. I always welcome the new year in peace.

Plus I have committed myself to living a life of peace as long as I live since 1989.

I plan to do something novel as well on new year's eve.....will plan it with friends and post the results here.

congrats on taking on this fabulous project david.

Everyone in the world Merry Christmas and happy new year 2009, I would like all VERRY GOOD in the new year, happiness, joy.SASKO.MACEDONIA.More peace less poverty


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