This is a return message I sent to another IPEACE member, I only pray you all listen!

and I quote myself in response:

"I know how your friends feel. But I must be honest with you, I did not choose this war. I was released from active duty in 1998 and forced back into uniform under the "READY RESERVE" act of 1947. I would have been proud to go and get the men who attacked my nation on 9/11 2001, men like that have no place on this planet. But, one man, Bush had other things in mind. I have not nor have I ever supported the U.S. position in Iraq.
The brutality of some of our own soldiers was appauling. I personally was shot at by another american soldier when I attempted to intervene in his actions with an Iraqi civilian. I returned fire, that soldier lived becuase I wanted him to live. The point is though, I was put in those positions time and time again, either against the enemy and yes, sometimes against my fellow nato and american soldiers.
I have something Renee, I have HONOR, and with HONOR comes the responsibility to treat people with respect whenever possible.
I was one of the good guys, the real good guys over there. But that did not change the fact that I took enemy fire every single day. I was wounded 2x while over there. I was at Fallajua, I was at Haifa, I was there in Mosul the day Saddams sons were killed. I was in many, many different firefights and run and gun battles. All the while, I was trying to maintain my sanity and at the same time guide 29 other kids to stay alive. I am 38 years old now, I served in 90-91 and now this one. My contribution is over. I'm afraid I will never be the same again. But it's not to late for the future generations coming up. They can be told of the horrors of killing people and being shot at and fired upon.
Peace will always be ever elusive to the American people as long as we allow our government to fight over resources.

With sadness in my heart, but hope for the future.
Master Seargant, 101st Airborne" will overcome this, love of one another.


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I understand, more than I want to know. I too am lost. My nation is lost.
What will save us from a future of violence? EACH OTHER, AND ONLY EACH OTHER!

With great heart and respect,


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