Dear Friends,

I want to tell you a sad, very sad thing :

Raja G. from India, Mysore has died. He didn't recover from his heart surgery. He died on June, the 1th.

He was a real gentleman of Peace and and at the same time a fighter for human rights and justice.

I miss You my Dearest Raja.
Where can I find You?
Are You high in the clouds and You are happy and free there?
Maybe one day
You'll sit on my shoulder
like a butterfly
and whisper in my ear : It's me.?
I'm still with You, You are still with me.

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I am sorry to hear this news Krystyna, we need all the peace lovers to help inspire the world to change, so his loss to us all must be considered significant, even to those of us who had not known him.

Respectfully,  Dave

Kedves Krystyna!

végtelen sajnálom, hogy nincs többé!
Fogadd őszinte részvétem!!!!!! Itt van egy video ami hasonlit a megpróbáltatásra!

Peace is Rajah,

I am sorry to know that news and we also  miss your friend..............


mukesh parth

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh very sorry to here this sad news. very late .................i am rarely come this site..

Sooooo sorry to hear this sad news, May departed soul rest in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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