If there is one thing you think you can do each day to contribute to peace, what could it be? For me, I would say it would be to treat each person I meet with love and kindness - to look beyond all stereotypes and radiate generosity. Sounds easier than it is when your boss is screaming and you've met Murphy's Law for the 2nd time that day! What is your daily contribution?

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My first contribution :-)

What Ho, to War and monsters (1994 or so)

A wooden man march cross the street
a wooden band , a marching tune does beat
a fickle mayor call the day
a time of celebration
for here we have the wooden men ,
saviors of our nation
yet generals of the Iron age
do against the politicians rage
To stomp the wooden men to dust
To form a great and Glorious nation
yet people here of conscious
call to dragons wise
To melt the generals cast of Iron
To free again the skies
Yet monster even greater lurk deep within our souls
So have your wooden parades and wars
Have your fun before their birth
To you their final domination
Monsters even larger yet
descend upon your nation

Another view (2008, 17 november)

A Wooden Army marches, each soldier perfectly carved
Painted, colored, uniforms so bright
Scarlet red or ashen white, Jungle green or many other shades to delight
The children here at play
Each regiment formed of what was once
The innocents of youth
Now on come the generals of lead and iron
Their heavy boots
Shuffle the dirt
Expose the truth
Wooden men fall too easily
As do the dreams of youth
Still Armies march, made of far sterner stuff
To trample wood and lead and even iron under
Along with innocents and youth
Hunger follows
Pain and strife
To die each and every one
Under boots
Under guns
At the hands of the soldiers
On the point of the hunger that is famines knife
Cut down the children
Now never to be
Loving fathers, mother, husbands and wives
Just so the wooden soldiers play
One of my favorite quotes. Thanks for posting.
Very well stated. Reminds me on Ghandi's quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". That is a tall enough order sometimes. What a beautiful planet we could create if we all strived for just that...
Jill D
hey lady! its easily said than done. do you know hunger, poverty and all other stuff which human being suffer. its alway better to pray to your self to be in these to know who we are then you will turn mad and then do your self longs for love or food!
Hi Maya

Every time we contribute to peace by noticing peace within ourselves, by accepting what is, by learning the lesson being taught to us every time we resist the people, situations & the world around us, if we really pay attention and allow things to Be as they are without fighting or judgement we will rediscover our natural inner state is that of peace.

Every time we become still inside we affect the whole planet by raising many others, murphy's law plays with us when we live only in ego from fear or anger.

I keep a gains or gratitude book that logs every little gain throughout the day, then go into gratitude at the end of every day for the gains. They may as simple as a stranger smiling to me, or a thankyou as I've helped others, my biggest learing from this has been I have more gains on my toughest days than the easy days.

Life is your mirror and will always reflect back to you what your putting out, conscious or subconsciously

Look in your mirror and learn to love what is

Keep shinning
I'm out in the world among strangers almost every day. I begin my day with an internal peace meditation and leave the house having forgiven myself and at peace with myself and my place at that moment. Then it is easy to forgive others, to keep a perspective when someone else is losing control, and to smile an unspoken appreciation to strangers in passing. I've learned that I can sense the macrocosmic (the combined minds of all) mood quickly by reactions and by how people are driving on the freeway. I try to remain a focused, content, non-hurrying anchor of peace for those around me. I need no recognition or appreciation. I am fulfilled by a single positive response.
Thank you, Maya, for drawing this confession from me. Have a beautiful day. Bless your boss. Do not repeat Murphy's Law too often as you give it power. Instead repeat "Peace can happen and will."
when you set aside personal intrest and work for a larger cause the benefits that accure to you are enormous. the way to gain is to give. similarlly you are enriched by you give. grab and you lose . give and you gain.look at the takers in life. eventually they lose out.it is givers who exels.when you are able to erode the sense of your littelself, are able to riseabove your petty desires and ego and able to work for a cause of higher than yourself. only then do you find yourself peace . and the work will bring you peace and success.
I once worked for one who I think may have created Murphy's Law (it did not matter what you did it was wrong or never good enough).
I had little money with a child also in daycare, but spent what I had, on a dozen roses sent to her anonymously.
Not knowing who was being kind to her she had no way to know which of us to return it to!

A little sugar never hurt a lemon (but after a little and still to sour? I'm the kind o guy who then makes lemonade )

If someone does you wrong or wishes to destroy your peace because they cant find it within themselves, try to help them find it.
And often, that can mean taking the wrong done, or the anger sent out, and return it in more than equal measure with kindness done in a way you know is important to the person.
This makes them think about kindness, it reminds them, of what it is, when they may have forgotten.
So if shouted at, find an act of kindness to do that shouts back, even louder.
Remind the person, of what peace is, by bringing them some, enough to distract them from their inner rage, and focus on peace and kindness and love of another human being, who cares about "them".
This is very true tree. I try to be this way most of the time, but no one is perfect.
SMILE, smile please, always, smile in every situation to everyone: human people, animal, vegetable, mineral worlds, smile, please! Smile is the open heart sharing peace!

Greetings Maya,

'Little Contributions to Peace' begin with waking with a smile.
Peace begins within, self respect, self love, self kindness, aspects for which to radiate peace.
Be now, need no need.
my contribution to peace begins in the morning,with blessing for our planet,then blessing my town,then blessing my enemies(it is not easy allways,but i do it enyway),then blessing my family.it is a concious choice,and,if everybody do it,we are in perfect peace!


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