This weekend at the market I have a tent at was Children's day, so we had lots of free activities for the kids. At my booth we had 'Peace Rocks'. We painted over 50 rocks of all sizes, colours and shapes.  The purpose of the rock is to leave it somewhere for someone else to find and share peace. It was fantastic and the children really liked the idea of sharing peace as did a lot of the parents.


Here is some pictures of the event


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very nice

both my children love rocks...they have their own stones and crystals, but we include them together in our ever growing collection. 


My daughter has expressed the desire to paint ordinary rocks that can be found along our walks. One of these days I will relent and say yes.


Thank you for sharing a fun day :)

Oh do is almost as much fun as sidewalk chalk... I love to write messages on the sidewalks to share love and peace too...


xoxoox Sharon


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