can this possibly be real could this preacher be leading a multitude in hatred? how can any one believe it is ok to kill a fellow human being not only ok but religiously sanctioned?

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There are many fanatic sites like this. Do not worry. They only burn themselves.
thank you for your comment i agree it is frightening and sad to see where hate dwells love cannot thrive i feel sickened to hear that he is doing this (saying these things) but what fear i have is that there are weak minded individuals out there and if those in his congregation agree than we are not dealing with one sick individual who wants to kill people we are dealing with a whole congregation that feel it is their "god given duty " to kill others how does hatred creep up on these people and how can this be condoned?.... i know i know many wars have been fought in the name of religions but seriously in this day and age when there is more work to be done to right this planet and all that are with in wasting of human life simply to prove a religious point is hideous to say the least it makes me wonder if the man started out mutilating small animals know what i mean?
The real religious man never hate any of other faiths. Bish said the same meaning when wag the wars against the Muslims. He said the same phrase "it is a God given duty". He did not discriminate between the extremists and the secular people and considered it a holy duty to get rid from the Muslims and unfortunately he found some listening ears but the most dislike the wars and killing of the people for their religion. So, he dropped from the first while when the USA citizens discovered how much he lied.
What a good topic for discussion christine :-) after my experiences on that forum/discussion over last few days , I had thought to write something nearly identical to the Title here..I have not gone to the link you added -yet. My title was bit different but along same meaning. I now do not need to do..thanks!
Need do few things then I will have a look at your link..
Hi Christine!

To me it just defies common sense that such things are carried out in the name of religion Most people know the difference between right and wrong. How such beliefs come about is a mystery to me.
i cannot understand the hatred? i get annoyed when others cannot stop their own debauchery but that "pastor" is just a sick individual that i feel needs to either stop taking drugs or get a prescription for the right ones!!!
what is there to forgive what has a wiccan ever done to him? he assumes that they are evil and conspires their demise!
perhaps you are right but i fear the amount of hatred that he could spread before he is done and if the wrong person believes this preacher how many will die before its done...sigh
You are right christine to fear that amount of hatred and bigotry he is inciting ! should be illegal..someone and possibly many will be persecuted or could even be murdered!
very big sigh.. he needs be stopped.
Is no mystery to me Des, as you know.. I do know the history of where such evil ignorant sick murderous ways of believing began..entire genocide of (mostly) woman persecuted over nearly 300years.Which began in the name of Religion. .never again!!! This sick individual needs be stopped!
What he is teaching/preaching is a crime,in my opinion..Ach! I need go and calm myself after reading such disgusting horrific hateful....insert expletives here....crap. before I write/say anything else...Ommmm
Peace and love ..this am on way to regaining again, just a sec..I'll have it back..
Well, I just read the link and ..OMG! and WTF??? sick just plain sick! I surely hope this is not for real, but since I've witnessed and know of much of this type teachings being true all over the world , well that preacher is scarier to me more than any invisible made up satan and is more evil..beyond ignorant and full of hatred!!!

i agree i couldnt help but share what i found no matter what either the church or the man himself but this is not the way for any one to be its just wrong on so many levels


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