How to Restore Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

Hi, all text messages on my iPhone 5 are deleted by my little daughter. I want to get them back. Is it possible? How?

Now, quite a lot of iPhone users are facing this problem. it is easy to delete data from your iPhone by accident. But do not worry, it is possible to recover lost files from iPhone, the tool you need is iPhone data recovery.

In fact, the files you deleted from your iPhone are not gone immediately from your device, but they are still on your device, you cannot access to them and they are easy to be overwritten, so do not use your iPhone when you find you delete something. And find a proper tool to get them back. here, iPhone data recovery is recommended.

iPhone data recovery can be the best way to recover lost data from iPhone, it offers three methods to recover lost data

1. retrieve deleted SMS from iPhone directly
2. restore lost SMS from iTunes files
3. Retrieve deleted text messages from iCloud backup

So, you can use the first method to get backup your text messagess if you did not backup the SMS, and use the second methods to retrieve deleted text messages from iTunes backup.

how to recover deleted text messages iphone 7

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone SMS recovery to your computer, and then connect your iPhone to the PC, run this iPhone data recovery and in the home window, click recover from iOS device mode
Step 2. enter scanning mode to scan your iPhone for the deleted text messages
Step 3. After the scan over, you are able to preview the recoverable text messages, select the ones you need and clik Recover to save them to your computer

As a professional tool, this iPhone data recovery can recover contacts, videos, photos, notes, and more from iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch see

recover deleted photos from iphone 7 recover deleted voice memos iphone 7
recover deleted videos from iPhone 7

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Now it's easy to recover lost texts from iPhone, the third-party software can offer the best function for you to do that, no technical knowledge required, no matter your iPhone is water damaged, crased, or broken and have not backuped the phone before.It just needs you to finish 3 steps to get texts back: connect your iPhone to the iPhone text recovery software->scan your iPhone-> preview and selected the deleted texts to restore. It's that simple.

It also can support to scan your iTunes backup and recover some of deleted texts, it is different with iTunes, use iTunes to restore entire backup, all phone texts will be covered the phone texts, in other words, it will retrieve everything in that backup, so that is a good reason to back up daily. But the third-part tool can provide you the way to recover some of texts. But if you want to use iTunes recover iPhone text messages, you can go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices, you will see the backup list, choose the recent backup that you are certain contains the texts that you need to restore.

how to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone

Hope it can help!


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