iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too.

iPeace is growing in popularity and in numbers. As it grows and expands, like any garden, the danger of infestation increases.
We are ready to meet the challenges and realize too it is not always possible for iPeace admin and iPeace volunteers to spot and identify every incident or preempt intrusive or abusive behavior
We share your desire for iPeace to be the exemplary, truly global inter-cultural community, free of harassment. We can only achieve it working as a global iPeace team: Help us, help protect iPeace and each of you who believe so much in its goals and aims.

Should you receive a message from someone who's trying to sell you anything. Anything….

Should someone offer to save your soul, without you asking for it.

Should you find a comment on your page that looks and feels like unsolicited commercial marketing.

Should someone request for money, however noble the cause seems, or honest the request.

Should you feel in any way threatened, stalked or somehow harassed,


We have created the option for you to write a comment on Report Spam's page
(you can always find the link on the top left corner of iPeace home page)

Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Thank you

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Thank you David for this important info,much appreciated.love and light janine
Thank you Tatiana, I get what spamming is now.
Hello David: Excellent, Credibility is a priority, Thank you
peace and gratitude
Thank you David for the insightful information. Non of us need spam in our inbox all it does is clutter and annoy people, we are all about peace not cluttering our lives with junk mail. All the best to Admin Team.

Steve Bullocks was indeed banned from iPeace because of your post (and one other complaint) thank you, Ray.
Really! true is that Mr. David you and your team is doing noble work for promotion of peace and harmoney for all.

i think its Sufi's vision and way of life who will be seaching around all over the world Intellectual and theosophical peoples.and i would like to bring in your infromation that we(Sindhi's from SINDH) doing struggle for peace from 10,000BC (You should read our" Mohin Jo Daro" History throughout seach in google.com.Yes! your also way of SINDH like Sindhi from 10,000BC
thank you David

For this wor of advice . we must kee the ipeace seafy that all can juse it wit funn and plesure witout of fear of spam haressment or stalking
Yours truly
Rihard S
ok merci Je vais renettoyer! bonne journée
Surely it is respectful to first communicate with the person involved if you feel you have been a spammed, harrassed or stalked before reporting this to a third party.

It is surprising how often after using the direct approach, I can come to see people in a different light and judge them less harshly.

We don't always perceive our actions as others do.
Well described.

peace, love & light
Thanks for making these things public. I've thankfully never been the victim of any of this, but because it has become an issue I see that others have had negative experiences. It is unfortunate, however bringing to the Light these matters will aid in their "going away".
Hi David,thank you very much for the concern,please take good care of yourself for you have just recovered.May you be happy and healthy.


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