iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too.

iPeace is growing in popularity and in numbers. As it grows and expands, like any garden, the danger of infestation increases.
We are ready to meet the challenges and realize too it is not always possible for iPeace admin and iPeace volunteers to spot and identify every incident or preempt intrusive or abusive behavior
We share your desire for iPeace to be the exemplary, truly global inter-cultural community, free of harassment. We can only achieve it working as a global iPeace team: Help us, help protect iPeace and each of you who believe so much in its goals and aims.

Should you receive a message from someone who's trying to sell you anything. Anything….

Should someone offer to save your soul, without you asking for it.

Should you find a comment on your page that looks and feels like unsolicited commercial marketing.

Should someone request for money, however noble the cause seems, or honest the request.

Should you feel in any way threatened, stalked or somehow harassed,


We have created the option for you to write a comment on Report Spam's page
(you can always find the link on the top left corner of iPeace home page)

Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Thank you

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Hi, dear friend !! :-)
Please, try this:

1. go to home page here
2. at the left you can find iPeace Administrators
3. write to Gordon J Millar responsable for Members Relations

I hope this aid you :-)
Big hug !! :-)

Gracias Ayla para tu presencia, siempre estas lista para ayudar. Ya Gordon me escribo y le contesté.


Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! No pierdas la esperanza !! Besos y Buen comienzo de Semana !! :-))

Hi, Thank You, HEY! My Mom Used To Have That Spam Can A Long Time Ago!... Oh... Exept Mine Was Blue... Sorry! Peace - Renee
all the members, in my group, and all the friends in my page !!!



I was going to post a new picture and everything , all the pictures were deleted !!!

can you help ???
This does not exactly relate to spam, more of an inservice or reminder I guess. When someone sends out an email to their whole friends list, which we all do, if you wish to just respond to the original sender and not all the a hundred plus people who received the group email, when you reply do NOT push the REPLY ALL tab, just push the REPLY TO SENDER tab. A lot of times I am thrilled to receive the email from the sender but NOT so thrilled with the 87-100+ responses to that email from all the people who received the group email to begin with. I do not want to sound bad about saying this and do not be angry with me or think I do not like getting email because I do, I just think that sometimes people think they are replying to the sender and not necessarily to ALL of the senders whole friends list. I like responding to the sender but do not necessarily think that everyone wants to read my response.

Another thing I wish to comment on is sometimes people will get an email from someone, and then do a REPLY ALL and send a different totally different topic email attached to the original such as a recruitment or invitation to another group for instance, and then all the people on the original email senders' friends list ends up getting an off topic email attached to the original one as a reply from a second party. That is not a good thing to do I do not think, especially if it is promoting something or an agenda other than the original email.. It is kind of like using someone else's friends list for their own promotion, which does not seem appropriate to me. These are just things that I thought I would mention. Please do not think badly of me or think I am mean.
"iPeace is as much your community as it is ours. We care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain iPeace Spam free.
To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance too".......David Califa

David, We (the iPeace Family) is doing it's part......Now You must do Yours. Delete these Spammers/Scammers! as they cause much disrespect for iPeace and it's members. "Happy Trails" & "Happy Slammin Spammers/Scammers"
Peace, Al
"Thank You" Maria for making Me aware of that and "Thank You" David for deleting most of the Scammers/Spammers!
David, iPeace still has a couple.....ROSE http://ipeace.ning.com/profile/ROSE911?xg_source=profiles_memberList & our beloved Major Ballistic Spammer/Scammer mirian johnson http://ipeace.ning.com/profile/mirianjonhson?xg_source=profiles_mem... who had many iPeace accounts. You got rid of them all, except for this one. "Namaste" Peace, Al
Maria, Did I forget any?
Ahhh Yes, I just thought of our newest iPeace member, jody b, who did some Spammin! http://ipeace.ning.com/profile/jodyb?xg_source=profiles_memberList
These are the only ones left, so I thought I'd let David know and make it easier,as he got rid of the rest of them and I see You did it also.
I also see that You do it on the Official Welcome group,which I can't become a member of and really don't want to, due to some reasons. I like to unofficially Welcome new members.
I guess it's a Hippy thing. LOL
Lovin You for You being You and for being Faithful to iPeace! Later My Friend. Peace, Al
"Don't stop" doing what you do, Mr. Califa. Thank you for the wonderful work, upliftment, and sharing here at Ipeace.
Jah blessings.


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