b>SHIFT TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION. Trying to give an answer to the above questions, I quote below the most optimistic scenario for a quick and easy (within three days only) shift to the fifth dimension, which was given by the Sirians to Dr Nidle, (sea about him below), which refers to the whole population of Earth (that will consciously want to enter the fifth dimension), except those incarnated from other planets, which will be transferred to the spacecrafts where they will make the shift and then will return to their planets. I however based on information I had long ago from the Pleiadians (unless something changed in the meantime), I believe that this relates only to some percentage of ''lucky'' people, while the majority will follow, during the shift, a more difficult and longer course. Although I would be glad if the Sirians’ scenario applies to all of us, I intend in my futur page (II.2.D8) to give details of all the scenarios and possible developments. What is ultimately important is that whatever course we take and the time will take us, we will all find ourselves in the same position when we will become fully fifth-dimensional. The scenario of the Sirians is as follows:

a) General: This shift is supported and helped by 50 constellations of our galaxy, (with the Sirians to be the leaders), the spacecraft of which came under the orders of the ‘‘divine hierarchy’’, which decided the Earth to become fifth-dimensional by 2012. So has to be soon the “first contact” with their spacecrafts, even if Earth still dose not meet the prerequisites for such contact valid for all other planets, which are (besides the approval of the hierarchy which we have), the planet to be united, to have advanced (space) technology, to be aware about the shift and the large majority to accept it. Obviously none of the four above conditions applies for Earth, and the governments of major countries of the world react to the arrival of the extraterrestrials, (with which they have contacts for many years now), because this is not in the interest of the powerful people of Earth, i.e. the few hundreds billionaires choosing (directly or indirectly) and manipulating the governments, because they do not want to lose the privileges and the power they have. For these reasons the extraterrestrials were connected with earthling allies (who have power in government positions, banks, etc, or are financially strong individuals), with the help of which are preparing a smooth arrival, so that the people will not be terrified and consider them as invaders with bad intentions, when in fact just the opposite happens. So before the arrival of the spacecrafts for the first contact, the following stages will precede, which will proceed with speed in order to catch up in 2012.

b) Preliminaries for first contact: Stage 1: Includes the effort to persuade leaders reacting to accept what will happen, and if needed to replace these leaders with others that are cooperative. Stage 2: To reveal the secret advanced technology that the extraterrestrials gave, that includes free and clean energy systems (without fuel), the facing of diseases and malnutrition, etc, that the governments have taken but keep it as top secret, due to the financial interests of a few strong companies, or matters of military superiority, etc. Stage 3: To resolve the economic stalemate of the people, by changing the economic system, including inter alia eliminating debts to banks, financial institutions, credit cards, etc, by changing the tax system, and by abolishing the privileges of the various entities. Also by the redistribution of the wealth and the basic goods in order to adequately serve all people, and by the use of new currency having real value covered by precious metals, etc. Stage 4: To undertake a broad announcement and inform the people of the impending arrival of the extraterrestrials and the role they are going to play, to be broadcasted initially by the governments, and then in greater detail by the Earth allies of the extraterrestrials. All these stages the Sirians believe that can be achieved in less than a year. After this preparation will be a massive landing of their spacecrafts in the selected areas, while no one gives (Earthly or extraterrestrial) a specific date when this will happen. However, based on other data I feel that this first contact can not be delayed beyond the beginning of 2012, while the above preliminary stages can not begin later than early 2011, (while it is also probable to begin much earlier). Finally, if because of strong reactions from the governments, things will not roll smoothly and quickly as planed, the landing will be made anyway and in time, while the informing the world of the impending friendly first contact will be made directly by the extraterrestrials using their resources, without waiting for the governments’ announcements, while in the mean time they will disable any earthly weapon that could threaten them.

c) The arrival of the extraterrestrials: The landing will include millions of spacecrafts, since almost every person on Earth will have his own extraterrestrial advisor - mentor (including the mentors from the Hollow Earth), and in addition they will bring millions of scientists and technicians to install and teach us their high technology. The extraterrestrials will be accompanied by many ascended masters of the divine hierarchy, (which obviously, as are spirits do not need spacecrafts), to help mainly in the spiritual (of the consciousness) ascension. When landing a series of energy waves will be applied to eliminate (for security reasons) any potential use of weapons, and as soon as the frequency of the extraterrestrial will be adjusted with the frequency of the environment, they will come out to meet and talk with people, and the equipment that will carry will allow this conversation. The first month will be passed by exchanging information and the training of the people on Earth, which will include visits to the spacecrafts. This training includes information on their technology based on light energy and on telepathy, based on which devices such as “simulators'' are functioning under instructions given by our thoughts. The simulators can provide immediately everything we ask (furniture, apparatus, food, clothes, etc.), which later if we do not need them we can return to the simulators to become energy again. In addition there are larger devices, the ''holographic theatres” that can create whole houses to live in, with their surroundings (gardens etc), or can create even landscapes, such as a lake where we think that we swim for kilometres, while in reality we move only for a few meters. Along with the technical training, the spiritual - mental training is given, on how we will be ''fully conscious'' beings.

In the second month will be the “marriage” between Earth and extraterrestrial technology, the cleaning of the environment from pollution, and the education of how to create a correct and proper galactic society on Earth. In the third month will be education about what will happen when we are fully in the fifth dimension, what are the conditions and possibilities that we will have then, and how should we behave and act in order to exploit them. Finally in the fourth month we will be informed of how exactly our transition to the fifth dimension will be done in the ''transformation' chambers”, designed for this purpose in the ''crystal cities'' of the Hollow Earth (see details below). After the end of the fourth month the process of our transferring to the Hollow Earth (with our families) will begin, for those of us (and we will be the vast majority) that we will consciously want to enter the fifth dimension. During this procedure we will feel very tired and we will fall asleep, and then we will be “beamed” to the spacecrafts that will carry us through the poles of the Earth to the Hollow Earth, where again through “beaming” we will be transferred in our temporary dwellings described below. If needed this four month period may be extended to six months or little more.

d) Our “metamorphosis” in the Hollow Earth: Unlike the other planets that changed dimension, where all the inhabitants died and reincarnated much later with their fifth-dimensional bodies, the divine hierarchy decided for the Earth to enter the fifth dimension together with her inhabitants, the bodies of which will be rapidly converted from three-dimensional to fifth-dimensional. For this reason special crystal cities in the Hollow Earth were created, as temporary housing for the people of the Earth, where in 1991 constructed and placed there the ''metamorphosis chambers”, by which the transformation can be achieved in only three days. This temporary housing is taking the form (with the help of the holographic theatres), with all the details of the house that you had on the outer surface of the Earth, in order to make you feel that nothing has changed, and the only difference is a great joy and wellbeing that you feel and the presence of your advisor - mentor. It is understood that also the homeless will be in a comfortable and safe place. Apart from the mentor who will inform you and answer your questions, you have around you also your higher self, the angels helping you, etc. It takes at least one day of preparation and information, where you learn why before 13.000 years, the elite of Atlantis and later the Anunaki, changed your DNA disconnecting 10 of the 12 helixes in order to keep you underdeveloped and use you as their servant. Moreover you will learn that these helixes will be reconnected, and all the codes of your DNA will be reactivated, as well as all your 13 (instead of the current 7) basic chakras (which are inter-dimensional energy centres), along with about 200 secondary will be open and active. In this way from limited consciousness being you will become a fully consciousness fifth-dimensional being. The next days you will enter the metamorphosis chamber (which resembles the divers decompression chamber), lying comfortably in a comfortable bed, where for three days, the following processes (in summary) will take place:

1st Day: your body falls into hibernation (but you keep your consciousness), while an inter-dimensional light rises your frequencies, reconnects the helixes of your DNA and activates all its codes as well as all your 13 chakras. At the same time affects your epigenetic settings, reversing the aging course and making you young, so that by leaving the chamber to have the age you have chosen, and then stop aging anymore. Generally the first day covers your physical transformation, and you can even affect your organs or limbs of your body, if you have a problem to fix, or if limbs are missing to recreate them, while you can even interfere with your appearance (changing your height, or your weight, or your face, etc). 2nd day: It relates to your spiritual transformation, taking lessons from your spiritual advisers, in order to become a fully conscious being full of love, full of joy and free from fears and negative emotions. In addition the ''veil” falls and all your previous lives unfold in front of you, in order to know your whole story, what you really are, to what spiritual family you belong, and what is your mission and destination. 3rd day: It combines the physical and spiritual transformation, and you start to see and feel unprecedented things, to feel a great joy, to hear angels’ songs, and to acquire forces that you do not know how to control, so that you can become dangerous. Therefore your advisors guide you and solve your queries, in order that, when leaving the chamber at the end of the three days, not to cause a great chaos. The little chaos is inevitable, therefore ten days follow of personal and group training, in order to learn to use properly and to control the new forces and properties acquired.

e) Training after the metamorphosis: When you get out from the chamber you feel an overload to all your senses, like the whole world around you to be you, and you to be the whole world, (which is actually so, because in the fifth dimension we feel unity with all others). This will create a strong headache to you that your advisers will neutralize in ten minutes, and you learn how to close the various channels of your senses, and then you learn how to adjust the “volume control” (as in the radio) and to choose what you want to receive, and what is important to you, and to handle your telepathic abilities. Then you learn levitation, how to move objects, or to operate devices with your mind, you learn teleportation, and how to be beamed somewhere, e.g. back to the chamber and return (and all these will take about an hour). Then, (and this is the more difficult part), you learn how to materialise (manifest) or not materialize what you think. When something that you think at the same time you feel it (which is usually the case), then this is automatically manifested in front of you (which most likely you do not want to happen). Therefore you practice at thinking things or situations without feeling them, unless you want to be materialised, and you practice it usually in a group, materializing items that have been requested from you and sending them by teleportation to the group members, and respectively, receiving from the members what you have requested. Even you learn how to connect and communicate with the environment and to improve it, or to improve yourself using the environment. On your new properties are included, among others, and the ability to communicate with animals and plants. After the ten-day training you are now ready to meet the various inhabitants of the galaxy (humanoid or not), who have come to the Hollow Earth.

f) The period after the training: The acquaintance with the various extraterrestrial species (human or not), including our brothers from the Hollow Earth, will last for about two weeks, where the extraterrestrial will show you their rituals, that are very important for the evolution of their planets, and they will seek to learn about your third-dimensional experiences and especially the emotions that you had then. This exchange of knowledge will continue on for a year, where you will ''teach” giving lectures on the experience you have had, and how you made this unprecedented passing, (with your physical body) from the third into the fifth dimension. A very large number of extraterrestrials, not only from our galaxy bat also from other galaxies will come, for each of you, to attend your lectures. Particularly with regard to galaxies where still exist forces of darkness in the third dimension, people will come to learn the method by which the people of Earth switched with their material body, (i.e. without dying and reincarnating), from the third to the fifth dimension, expelling the ''evil'' from their lives and their societies. In addition our brothers of the Hollow Earth will guide us to show us their cities and their country and to inform us on their lifestyle, and they will even propose to us to have our permanent residence in the cities that they have built for us, while to go to the outer surface mainly as tourists (visiting also and heaving rituals in the ancient temples there), or to spend our vacations in a “vacation house” there.

g) The changes in the outer surface of Earth: Meanwhile all this time on the outer surface of the Earth will be enormous changes: Old continents will be emerged from the sea, lands will be sinking, volcanoes will explode, and large earthquakes will prevail, making the outer surface extremely dangerous, while the Hollow Earth will be in complete safety and tranquillity. More specifically, the lost continents of Atlantis in the Atlantic, of Lemuria (which is larger than Asia) in the Pacific, and of the Great Srilanka in the Indian Ocean will reappear, while Australia will be double in size. In addition deserts such as in Africa (Sahara), in China and in America will be transformed into large lakes, and the proportion of land versus water will be about 50% - 50%. All extinct (during the 13.000 years) animals, and plants, preserved all this time in the Hollow Earth, (including forest etc) will reappear and Earth will be as she was 13.000 years ago. The ice in the poles will melt and the Antarctic will be a continent like all the others, communicating (through a ''huge'' hole in the south pole) with the Hollow Earth, while a corresponding hole will appear in the north pole. There will be no more snow, or strong winds and the clime of Earth will become subtropical with temperatures around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. (The skiers should not worry, because through the “holographic theatres” they could create virtual reality snowy landscapes, where they can ski). Furthermore, two layers of frozen water vapour will be created in the atmosphere (that existed before), at a height of from 4.500 till 5.500 meters the one, and from 10.500 till 11.500 meters the other, which layers will absorb and significantly weaken, (as they did before), the (harmful) cosmic radiation that reaches the surface, improving life on Earth, while the large volumes of ground water used, will significantly reduce the rise of the sea surface caused by the melting ice. This layers, that are supported in the atmosphere by the energies of crystal formations on the surface, were having suffered damages from the various wars causing floods (as the biblical flood 8.000 A.D.) from the falling water. Finally they have been totally destroyed in the wars between Seth king of Sumerians (Mesopotamia) against king Rama in India and against king Horus in Egypt, and the falling water caused the last great flood in 4.000 A.D. which destroyed most of the then inhabited world.

h) The destinations that we can choose: After the end of the year of lectures and contacts with the extraterrestrials, a first part of the newly shifted to the fifth dimensional earthlings, would want to go to colonize the water planets, (which are also hollow as all planets are), of our solar system. These are e.g. Mars, Aphrodite, and a new planet that will reappear (which was previously destroyed) the Maldek. These planets in the meantime, with the help of the extraterrestrials, assisted by the divine “Elochim'' (spirits of divine energy and creation, like the archangels), they will be inhabitable again, with water and atmosphere (coming from the inner surface), flora and fauna. Also there is the scenario, (with the help of Elochim), the entire solar system to be transferred (through a huge space-time portal), in the constellation of Sirius where previously was, and was moved in its present positions for reasons connected with helping the Earth in her important experiment (I might give details later). A second part of the newly shifted will travel to the stars, being the ambassadors of the Earth and of our solar system in general, activating (where needed) the peace treaty that was signed in 1995 for our galaxy. Many of those ambassadors will travel to thousands of other galaxies, where wars still exist, in order to teach also there, the peace between the constellations. Many of them will also play the role of the teacher, sharing the particular experiences during the shift to the fifth dimension, giving lectures and having meetings, and as their experiences from their contacts with other planets will grow (and therefore) will become wiser, they will also begin to give advices for the solution of problems there, transferring knowledge from one part of the universe to the other.

A third part (the largest according to the Sirians) will remain permanently in the warmth and the perfect environment of the hollow Earth and her marvellous inhabitants, because of the many benefits she already provides (see my page II.2.D5 and soon the more detailed II.2.D7). A forth part will return (when everything is smooth and settled), to the outer surface. According the information from the Sirians (Nidle), those who will choose to return will be a small minority, while according the information the Pleiadians gave to me (some time ago) they will be the majority. They also told me that many will remain on the outer surface all the time, and make the sift (that will last mach longer) there, surviving and facing the turbulences and the dangers there (see my future page II.2.D8). I believe that those who will choose not to go to the transformation chambers in the hollow Earth, will be those who either are not convinced for the good intensions of the extraterrestrials, or they have not taken a final decision whether they wand to abandon any privileges they have and proceed with the shift. This creates an obligation for all “light workers” etc who are informed and awaken, to inform and assist as many people as possible. Finally as I said before, there is a fifth part (of the “star seeds”) to be transferred directly to the transformation chambers on the spacecrafts, and make the shift there (instead of in the Hollow Earth), and then to return to their planets, where they came from (when they incarnated in Earth), in order to share their experiences with the people of their planets.

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