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I would like to read it..... please send it to me.... it might take me a while though if it's long.

Money causes people to act in a different way, but they have to have that way inside of them to act that way...... if you get me.

I've seem people do all sorts of things for money..... not nice things either.

I am not motivated by money at all.... but lots of people are.
Post it in the Cultural place, or anywhere you feel like... it's up to you.
I've just replied to you...... :)
There was not much to read...... perhaps it did not all come through..... ?
I did not get anything like that come through... it's a lot to read, I will have to get Sophie to read it to me tomorrow it's too much for me.

No wonder you thought I'd read it quickly...... LOL
You are off to bed now then...... sweet dreams :)
I've started to read..... she needs help with money.

I'm glad the shrimp farm did not work, killing shrimps would not make it a good place.
It's the way the world is set to operate for us....... there are not many who don't need money today.... it's a very complicated complex subject.

I understand what you would like to achieve, but until everyone is honest and true and fair money will always be what talks the loudest for most...... it does not for all though.

To live without money you have to have money to set you up to be able to... your own land or example, but you have to pay taxes for living on it. I don't see a way that you can live without money... do you know of a way?
Good........ you have got to make a lot of dishonest people honest first.... but I think you will find a way.

Have you listened to Rik Clay?
Yes I have, I liked all that he has to say...... why is he dead?

And so has Sophie.
Are you blackmailing your father? If so that's not nice.

Three of my sons friends have shot themselves.... it's not easy to do and not a very wise thing either.... or is it an idol threat to get your own way?

Did you used to tell lies?

Scorpios don't lie.....
I think I understand now...... no you don't tell your parents everything, it might make them sad or mad!

Blackmail.... is when you threaten to do something if someone does not do as you say....

Have you had someone die?

There are lots of different emotions when someone you care about dies.... sometimes it's because you were dependant on them for something, and you are really concerned about your own future... it all depends on how they die too.

I organised my Aunt's funeral, and they did not like it because I had pop music playing in the crematorium.... her name was Dolly, so I had Frank Sinatra singing 'Hello Dolly" and Gareth Gates and the Red Nose gang singing "Spirit in the Sky", I know that my Aunt would have liked it, so that's all that matters.... there were lots of not very happy 'mourners' though!


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