March 2009

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Welcome to March!

In this news letter you will read about our upcoming new shows, message for the month of March, winner of our (Sur)Prize drawing and more.

We are excited to share that more than 160,000 hits where registered at The Shift Radio in the first two months of this year!

We've had listeners from around the world, including, Brazil, Mexico, England, Canada, Australia, Chili, The Bahamas, Finland, USA, Holland and more...

New Shows on The Shift Radio:

Crystalline Consciousness – with Gia Combs-Ramirez. Weekly on Tuesdays from 8-9 pm EST. Starting March 3rd, 2009.

Gia is a soul intuitive and energy healer, teacher, writer and speaker with an international clientele. She has studied with some of the greatest teachers in the healing arts field including William Rand, Diane Stein, Machaelle Small Wright, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and AmmaBhagavan, to name a few. She is currently working on her doctorate in the field of metaphysics.
In 2004, Gia and fellow, healing arts friend, Lexi Sundell, channeled in a new protocol that they named Crystalline Consciousness Technique. That this was something new to the planet became very evident as they explored this wonderful tool. Since 2004, gia has been developing the organization of CCT including four levels of classes and a teacher training. People experiencing CCT have had many wonderful results with it, but still the inherent question has gone unanswered: What is Crystalline Consciousness?

In her weekly show, gia explores this question and the emerging crystalline system in the human energy body. Gia’s extensive understanding of energy healing modalities and spiritual growth tools coupled with her ability to access other realms of information by reading vibration is the background for this exciting new show.

Show times: Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST
Sites: Science of Energy Healing (
Crystalline Consciousness Technique (

The Tarot World – with Norma Cowie. Weekly on Wednesday from 7-8 pm EST. Starting March 4th, 2009.

Join Norma each week as she explores and shares the mystery and wisdom of the Tarot.

Sharing information regarding Tarot symbols as well as answering questions regarding the symbology and life.

She is a Metaphysical teacher and consultant for over 30 years. Student of metaphysics for over 40 years. Author of seven books, including three on the Tarot. Tarot for Successful Living, Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot and Pathways of the Tarot. Hosted her own cable TV show in the 1980's and has appeared on many TV and Radio shows over the years.

Spiritual Coffee Break – with Sharon Taphorn. Monthly, every first Saturday from 2-4 pm EST. Starting March 7th, 2009.

Join Sharon and guests every month on The Shift Radio for this interesting and thought provoking program designed to nourish you soul and feed your heart with loving and enlightening guests from the metaphysical community who are out there making a difference in the lives of others now.

Spiritual Coffee Break features authors, musicians, film makers, channels, healers, inventors, and teachers who are out there living their truth, making a difference to assist each of us in awakening to a more joyful journey.

Spiritual Coffee Break – March 7th , 2009

Featured Guest is Lee Carroll –

Lee is the author of Eleven Kryon books , and co-author of, The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. (14 books total). The Indigo Child book's web site is: These Indigo books introduced the world to the term "Indigo Children" in 2000, spawning many follow-up books by various authors, a movie, a documentary, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids! The Indigo books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in 24 languages.
other Guests include:

Anne-Marie, Jon & Kimilia, host of 6th Sense Connection Talk Radio & 6th Sense Spiritual Center in Cassadaga Florida.

Theresa Kock, Join us in a journey into the Parapsychic world, author, photographer and more.

Shows starting soon:

It’s About Love – with Paul Sherlock. More information soon to follow on our website.

Lee Fruits. More information soon to follow on our website.

Lady . More information soon to follow on our website.

Wonderful people have found their way to us and joined our radio station as a host. Their new shows will start in March and more lined up for the near future... If you missed a show, please check our Listeners on the date missed, the show name, and then download the show. This is also where you will find upcoming shows and specials. The new shows are listed at the end of this news letter.

Feel free to leave a message for the hosts in the guest book. The guest book you will find on our website page The Hosts.

If you newly signed up for our news letter or submit a survey you will be emailed one Entry code to our (Sur)Prize in a separate email. The end of March a winner will be drawn and announced in the newsletter of April.

To learn about other ways to enter our (Sur)Prizes visit our website

Message of March

Lemurian Oracle Card Reading for the month of March... By Sharon Taphorn

Many of us will continue our path of personal and spiritual growth as the energy leads towards the Spring Equinox (March 21st ish). Many of us will continue to reflect on our past life - looking at the choices we have made, did we do them for all the right reasons? Was this my career choice, or did I do what others expected of me? Am I happy with my life? How can I make this life I have now happy?

Many are needing to move from areas of personal bondage, issues of control and begin living our lives with the freedom of choice. As time passes each of us will continue to release and process energy, old thoughts and ideas which no longer serve us. If you are not releasing and transforming, you probably are not having a particularly fun time. The Mental energy around many of us will be transforming as the dreams of change that many of us have been longing for will begin to manifest within the mass consciousness, as people begin to transition into living their lives with truth, trust and passion.

Huge spiritual growth is happening and available for so many that a time of pause and observation will be paramount as our spirit selves emerging require the catch up of our physical selves. Treat yourself to some much needed energy healing work to assist with the physical shifts, drink plenty of water and meditate, meditate,

The photon energy is in the low range most of the month...concentrate on the thoughts you want to create...hold thoughts of love and peace and enjoy the solar wave of the Equinox.

Winners of January and February, 2009 (Sur)Prizes

Here are the winners of our Sur (prizes) for the last contest:

1. Journey in the New World I Self-Help Manual to Self-Awareness by Wilhelmina McKittrick - Beverly Cohoon - Arizona

2. A 30 Minute Lemurian Oracle Card Reading with Sharon Taphorn - Patti

3. A book – Kirael Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift, By Fred Sterling. - Aiko Juarez of California

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

The Team of The Shift Radio

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