Turn aspects of life you know I remember Chi when he was just a little when he was competing at was it nine-b_ who were Delaware show could I was there remember seeing him he was a chemistry but had nice muscle I've watched him LifeForce T-Boost throughout the years just slew Lee growing know some growing into one of the best pros in the world I was looking at the potential I thoughts back to Capri psychiatry no long time ago he was competing probably as a middleweight Memo somewhere in the neighborhood of pounds and he small but he is just put together every body part was there kids sweep was quite some little ways to break back and maybe post way different than anybody else but for the year sky has built on his promising framework adding many pounds of muscle turning prone  and winning several major titles including most famously the  Arnold Classic this point all of his success it is clear that he is not taking the Olympia lately and is grateful for Oscars presence yeah honestly just solo riding on song on.

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